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    We just had a comment / question from a user in our company. On 4K monitors the enscape UI is much smaller and hard to read / use.

    In a future update can you have enscape scale the UI depending on screen resolution?

    I'm curious about AI denoiser too but the way its been marketed for games seems like its trained just for that game. In my feeble mind that means the AI learns what images looks like in just that game since the variations in a closed sandbox like Battlefield there are only so many. For ArchViz the content is never the same and seems like AI just couldn't work the same way its intended for games.

    I also assume this based on an article recently about AI taking the text graphics off of images by Nvidia. The AI can both understand what text is and separate it from the image but the trick is understanding what lies under the image to fill it back in with the correct color pixels. I don't know if this was learned from seeing the same images with out text or just similar images.

    It would be interesting to hear your experience in developing for RTX for those of us who know nothing about how that side of the business works. We just enjoy the pretty pictures...

    What challenges are you faced with?

    How is it different from the technology you currently implement?

    Does the RTX tech provide you with variable levels of raytracing to balance the performance / quality or is it all or nothing? Meaning can you control the amount of time that is raytraced to maintain the real-time aspect of Enscape but also use more time when saving out the image for a final render?

    Anything else you want to share?

    Seems like if this is only supporting the higher end cards, then Enscape will have to develop both ways so its auto enabled if you have the supported cards.

    So it unfortunately would look one way for you but if you export for a client then it might look different if they had an older card.

    That will be the unfortunate side effect, even within the same company from person to person to computer to computer.

    A few years from now it will be a mute point if it is adopted at a high rate by consumers. Until then we will have some growing pains.

    'We raytrace all of our reflections and indirect lighting, just sometimes textures and some content is missing in the reflections. But we're continuously improving on that end.'

    Path Traced or Ray Traced Shadows and lighting?

    Perhaps there needs to be several setting options for reflections.

    1. minimal

    2. cameral location creates a temporary spherical image that is the basis for the reflection map applied to reflective objects the same way the skymap is used.

    3. full reflection with distance slider and or a detail slider

    I saw you say this before that reflections are raytraced, I thought these game engine renders didn't use raytrace but some other tech that simulates it.


    We have recently noticed that reflections are being compromised for the sake of performance from what I'm hearing.

    I think it is unacceptable to not have full reflections at least in the export phase of the project when its not being used in real-time.

    The trees we have in our models are only showing the branches and trunks but not any of the leaves or very few even if they are simply png files in the tree component. This seems like it would be a very small hit on performance with this type of tree.

    Please update us on the reflection agenda and if and when you plan to correct these mistakes in a future release.