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    I am having an issue that any sketchup model with Asset Library objects, the model won't render. If you make a simple model and add a tree from the Asset Library it freezes the render. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both sketchup and enscape to fix this issue. I have RTX 2060, so I know the graphics card is powerful enough for this.

    Why is this happening?

    Hello Demian,

    I appreciate you getting back to me so soon. Sorry for my delay! Yes, it would be nice to have such a feature for the Web Standalone.
    We wouldn't necessarily need a physical path present for our clients to follow.

    I had a few ideas if your team were to implement such a feature, which would be highly useful for us.
    -Enscape could have a view tab implemented with different view names on a menu which clients could select from
    -Enscape could implement pin icons on a floor plan map which clients could select from

    -Enscape could implement a similar approach as sketch-up where as you select from tab the program walks you to each tap, as if you are experiencing the space.
    -Enscape could possibly implement a physical path like your video camera path, which clients could toggle on and off which they could follow and as they follow such a path, information could pop up about different rooms and spaces.

    So far, the web standalone feature is a huge hit. Thank you for adding this, our clients love it. You team is doing a fantastic job



    Can I make a request (not sure if there is a thread already like it), but of a walk-though tool like sketch-up scenes/tabs for the web-upload.

    We use this to help our clients fly to certain rooms, or as they tab through a project, it's like a video without having to create a video. This allows us to chat to them about certain areas/spaces, without getting confused in a building especially in schematic design phase when a model is basic.

    This would be very helpful especially if you could create something like Modelo does, or something like your video tool path which clients can follow.


    Elliott :thumbsup: