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    Hey guys, we at Globe Plants will be introducing our vegetation models for Enscape Custom Asset Library hopefully early next week. Our low poly models are reduced heavily in polygon to approx 100k max for very complex species and most species are roughly around 10k polygons.

    You can use our assets for Revit/Vectorworks/SketchUp/Rhino with Enscape.

    Please look forward to them :)

    Hi all. We at Globe Plants are actively trying to resolve this issue and with the current 3.1 Custom Asset Library we have found a solution. Although it would still take us a fair bit of work to do in the custom asset library due to the material typing have to manually adjusted.

    We will be creating Enscape custom library for our bundles on our store so users can import them into other softwares that use Enscape like Revit or Rhino.

    Only downside/(upside for some?) is we only do this for low poly assets (so Enscape custom asset can load them) so the quality of the models will be lower than the current high poly ones on our store.

    We are 3D vegetation models provider Globe Plants and we've been trying to make our models to have native support for Enscape using Custom Asset Library. We would like to suggest a feature in Asset Library that when you import the models, the materials will be set to Foliage automatically instead of the default Generic based on the name of the materials (leaves, bark, trunks, etc...) like the auto material types by name in Enscape.

    This will enable us the ability to mass update all our models to be native compatible with Enscape so Revit, Vectorworks and Rhino users can finally utilise our models. We raised this feature to Kaj previously but just wondering if this can be introduced sooner :) as we are getting a lot of complaints from current Enscape users having to do the C:Drive method to get our models working in SketchUp. We really appreciate if this will come out soon :)