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    Thanks for your response (and sorry for my delayed answer)!

    Auto-generating simplified collisions for high-poly objects in VR would certainly be a solution for some of our problems (and would be a wonderful feature, yes please!). As for the teleporting on non-floor surfaces request, I have PM'd you a link to a simple scene that demonstrates the basic issue we have. We've seen this in every Enscape project we've worked on, so I'll post instructions to reproduce the problem here:

    1) Open any scene that has a table, bed, desk, counter, etc. (a relatively flat surface that can be targeted using the teleporter in Enscape VR).

    2) Aim at the top of that flat surface, and teleport onto it.

    For taller surfaces like counters, this can be especially disorienting as the user's head frequently protrudes through the ceiling. When we leverage Enscape as a means of showcasing a space to users that are new to VR, this disorientation is alarming and can be show-stopping. If we could set up no-teleport zones, we could block off the spaces above some of these objects manually to ensure this does not occur.

    Alternatively, for ease of use, if we could identify the floor height in each area and optionally force the user to teleport to that height, that might work as well. There could be difficulties with stairs or multi-story buildings, though.

    Anyway, check out the scene I sent you, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue and what the best solve might be. Thanks again!

    Hey team, love Enscape so far, works like a dream in Revit! We primarily use its VR functionality with the Vive.

    One issue we run into a lot is that users tend to teleport on top of non-floor surfaces. We also encounter noticeable lag when aiming the teleporter at objects with a higher polygon count (which makes sense as collision seems to be made per-poly when exporting to Enscape). I feel like both of these could be tackled with one of the following solutions:

    1) Ability to create simple primitive collision volumes (basic cubes or cylinders should handle most situations)

    2) Some other alternative to per-poly collision, like the user supplying a proxy collision scene.

    Do either of these already exist (or does a different solution exist)? Our studio would love if one/both these features were added!