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    I was wondering if it was possible to have a rotate shortcut key before you place an asset.

    Say you click an asset from the menu and before you place it in the model you can press the spacebar and the item will rotate clockwise at 45 or 90 degree angles.

    From here you can then go into the normal rotation and tweek in detail.

    I use Enscape for interior design and architecture and its time consuming to have to rotate every item 90 degrees so they fix to walls

    Thank you


    I was wondering if it was easy to program for a future release, a function where every time you click on your model you can place a different person facing a different direction. The clicks cycle through the available people in the asset library at random. This would also be handy with trees.
    Just sometimes you want a lot of people in a space and having to position each one individually is not necessary.

    Can I also request more diverse people, such as a disability and accessibility release?

    Thank you




    I've imported these palms from the Asset library, however there was no model to place into Sketchup so I've just clicked random places in sketchup. Low and behold, when I opened the Enscape browser there they are, positioned in the wrong place of course. But now I cannot find the asset in the Sketchup model, even with hidden items and geometry on. I cant delete them or move them.
    Any quick fixes or ideas? thanks