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    Prime , I may be missing something but the Grass in your last shared rendering looks rather nice - can you let me know exactly once more what is bothering you? Is it the difference in brightness of the Grass over the larger areas? If so, then this may simply be clouds in the sky casting shadows - you can dial down the cloud density whenever you like in the sky tab of our Visual Settings. If that is not what is bothering you, can you briefly describe it with the last renderings as the main example? :)

    Ok .. I'll try to show you what I mean exactly when I get home.

    it is impossible in enscape

    it is a feature when shadows are erased by distance from camera

    ask devs if you dont believe me ....

    'IMPOSSIBLE'!!!!!! Waaaaaa!!!!..
    So sad.. enscape now can produce almost high quality rendering.. lighting, reflection, material effect,.etc.. everything look very2 great except GRASS!!!!!!!!

    To be honest, If render only building ( no vegetation ).. Enscape beat Lumion.

    Prime , thanks a lot for your further feedback as well as your kind and honest words. :)

    I've played around with the grass in multiple scenes myself and wasn't able to reproduce any major problems, even when the shadow detail was being reduced in rather great distances - it's true that after a certain distance we simplify and even remove some shadows, but it would really be great so see more example of how it looks in your scene exactly Prime , if that is possible.

    This is my render test for testing the grass. I do place some other plant and tree ( imported model ) into the scene.

    hmm nice i wonder how long it loading enscape scene ....i will try it by myself

    and that shadows its degradation with distastance from camera to camera target .

    If you found a working solution to make the grass look better even from any distances.. Please share.

    well , how many meters squared u want cover with that hipoly 3d grass ?

    i am just curious , because when i put some hipoly trees up to 10 , my scene is going to load for a quite while ..

    Normally I want to cover around the house ( personal bungalow / residential ).

    The way I use those 3D grass by importing both of the grass as a proxy ( enscape import features ). Then scattering those 2 proxies with 'Skatter Plugin'.. thats all.
    I got no problem if I do that on my RTX 3090 rig.. but if I use my secondary pc which only have RTX 2070 Super.. Enscape start lag a bit.

    But since they are 'proxy object'.. you'll be able to hide / unhide by putting the proxy into a certain layer. Only turn em on just BEFORE RENDERING. Mean they always stay in hide most of the time.
    1 - Set the camera view
    2 - Turn grass layer on
    3 - Render

    Can you share me texture or model of grass that you are using ?


    I use 3D grass. I cannot upload my grass model. But I managed to get the download link for you.


    It really worth to use on small area and close look. Downside is
    1 - use on large area will cause Enscape lag
    2 - not good if look from far.

    But you can try.. if you found a solution ( make em look like Lumion's 3D grass ).. Dont forget to share it.
    Good luck.

    Prime , thanks for your report - you marked this thread as resolved, did you find a solution for yourself? :) The shadows to me don't look off though, they are just rather smooth, but you can always adjust the shadow sharpness in the atmosphere tab of the Visual Settings too if it's that. Otherwise, can you perhaps let me know what you mean by "weird" exactly, then I could get a better understanding. Thank you so much!

    I marked it as resolve because I give up. LOL.
    And I'm sorry because I didnt show you other images that you might get clear picture about what I'm talking about.
    But, I can explain, I use 3D grass, The shadow ( my whole point is on grass ) look very good IF the camera close to the object ( grass ). But when I zoomed out, My grass will look weird, like a very fluffy carpet thing. ( same as Enscape's grass )

    The reason I'm not using Enscape's grass because I dont really like it ( look fake ), so I'm looking for alternative way to get realistic grass ( like Lumion's 3D grass effect ). But I still fail. Instead of complaining, I honestly want to thanks to Enscape team for working hard to make Enscape become better and better.. I purchased Enscape since day 1 it release for sale and till now I see very huge improvement. Good job guys.

    Btw, thanks for the reply. Highly appreciated.

    Just tested 3.0 release, after doing work on materials, I import 3d models ( trees ) as a proxy.. because I need more realistic tree, not low poly, and for other reason, most Enscape's trees not available in my country. After that I save the work and close Sketchup, today I open Sketchup and launch Enscape and crash. It says like something related to my GPU, update gpu driver and some other option. ( I use latest RTX driver ).
    Then I delete my proxy ( the wireframe box ) and use cleanup tool.. Enscape launched with no problem. Imagine if I have all the setup done perfectly and save the work for presentation to client on the next day.. then this thing happen.. i'll be dammn..

    Hello all,

    When i start my enscape, it says NO SLOT AVAILABLE with watermark.. I copied my license key from email then paste it and it say THANK YOU. Run it again still the same. What Happen??:cursing::cursing:

    Find an alpha texture picture then put it to the "Albedo""Mask" can make the semi-transparent curtain.

    Thanks for the reply

    I managed to make semi transparent curtain as you suggested and it look good ( window glass ). But the curtain still missing if it there is another glass in front ( railing glass ).

    I have problem with curtain opacity. how to solve this issue. I need a bit transparent curtain so the light from inside can penetrate the curtain.. not totally opaque like a wall and the curtain gone missing if there is another layer of glass in the scene. See attachment for the problem.

    Some other thing is.. when I change material on any model, the Enscape viewport will blinking like 5 sec.. everytime I change material will do. This is so annoying.

    Do you mind sharing your wall tile texture please?

    The mirror reflections of the first image would be for my clients not acceptable. Still images needs to be nearly perfect.

    Im architecture designer ( freelance ) for the bungalow house around 4000-5000 sqft, building, ( small to medium scale project ). I do floor plan and the concept of the house. When client agree, I will pass my design to architect department for submission drawing etc.

    Building / house design + simple interior + exterior landscape + fencing. I need to finish atleast 2 design in a week. In 2 week I can finish 4 design, and another 2 week I will off to spent time with my family, picnic, fishing or gaming.

    My client dont care about the mirror reflection problem in the image. What they care is.. COST, PRACTICALITY, CONCEPT, THEME. It is good practices for you to provide nearly perfect render to client. Good for you. Hope you make good money then.

    I switched from 3DSmax to sketchup
    - because i can model faster

    - easy measuring while design something
    - the sketchup viewport is presentable to client. discuss and measure

    I switched from Vray & Octane to Enscape
    - no more wasting time ( take hours for ONE 'nearly perfect' image? no thanks )
    - no more test n error ( Enscape - what you see in viewport is what you gonna get )
    - render as much as you want.. since it very fast
    - save as exe so you can use it for presentation/share ( its about 70% like UE4 )

    All rendered with RTX card. So far reflextion look ok for me. Natural lighting just from playing with contrast and brightness setting.. then click render.. BOOOMMM!! done. ( im not good at rendering, mostly spending days just to get nice render and 'accuracy'..) So Enscape is my solution.

    Hello guys,

    Is this ever happen to you? The Setting window.

    I have no problem with rendering. So far they seems good and better than before. Thanks to Enscape Team,

    What really bugged me is when i open the setting window it stay good, tweaking it and I move it down ( because i wanna see what happened to my viewport ), then when I moved it up back, the setting window look weird ( as in the picture attached ).. I need to close the setting window and re-open. My friend said "this what happened when you use cracked software".. "***** off Im genuine license user.

    Is this because of my laptop GPU?? RTX is shit???
    MY laptop spec:

    • Colour: ROG Titanium
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i9-9980HK
    • Memory: DDR4 2666 16G *2
    • HDD: PCIE G3x4 NVME 512G M.2 SSD*2 (RAID 0) + PCIE G3x4 NVME 512G M.2 SSD
    • VGA: NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080
    • VRAM: GDDR6 8GB

    Note : I do have another ROG laptop that come with GTX 1080.. this problem never happen. Even on my destop with dual Quadro card.