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    Hi Demian,

    Thank you for your tip. I try it as soon as I find a bit of time (not so easy now). After that I'll share if it worked.


    I've got a strange behavior of spotlights, when they are hidden behind the objects. From close-up I get the effect I need. But when I go further away, at a certain distance the lights stop shining and make a strange reflection on the wall. I have recreated the situation separate from the project, so this issue is definitely effected by the distance of the camera. The screenshots are attached. Is it a bug, or just some kind of optimisation for the calculations?

    Thanks in advance,


    In the cases of scenes without natural light I always put the Rhino-sun into midnight position. It provides the constant darkness in Enscape. Then I use the artificial lights to provide the lighting. Such principle gives the total control of light. Because as I remember if you build a box around the geometry, it still doesn't protect from lighting changes when the daytime is being changed.

    So it's unlikely that the feature set of Enscape will differ much (if at all) for users with RTX to non-RTX users - you'll definitely still be able to render the same image quality with very competetive speed using Enscape without RTX hardware in the future.

    Hi @Clemens Musterle

    I am in general quite far from understanding the topic from the technical side. And I only evaluate the tools by the abilities they give. So I am sorry, if my question sounds dull, but will Enscape be able (with the help of RTX) to fix the old problems like mirror reflections? I've seen the RTX on/off videos and there I could clearly see that problem to be solved.

    Hi! That's a very interesting thread!

    But since a couple of months have already passed, I'd ask if there are any definitive approvements from Enscape Team about the RTX full potential realization?

    I am looking now at a bunch of new coming out laptops with RTX and trying to evaluate, how much sence does it make to invest in this now?

    As everyone else I am just looking forward to get the solutions for the old real-time rendering problems.

    @Demian Gutberlet, that is inspiring to know, that you take this topic into account.

    Concerning possible implementation of Enscape-Hololens combination: the company, where I work, mostly develops the projects of exhibition stands of all possible scales. Sometimes architecture. And I find it very useful to give the customers a chance to go through the high-quality rendered 3D Model of their project directly in the real environment ( the exhibition hall or the street). I guess it would mean to take out the environment or make it invisible. And there should be a possibility to controll the origin point. I don't know how far it is possible within Enscape, but that's the way, that I can imagine.

    Hi @Demian Gutberlet, thank you a lot for your answer. It's exactly, what I was hoping to hear. I am using HTC Vive now and am intending to use the full connection between Rhino, Enscape and VR Glasses further on. So the information about HTC Cosmos is very valuable for me.

    At the same time I am hoping to start using Hololens in the nearby future, and would be glad to know, if you have in agenda any developments for suppoting this device? I have tried one Plug-in "Fologram" for Rhino Grasshopper. It connects Rhino through Grasshopper with Hololens in Real-Time. And it gives some quite interesting new abilites for design processes and presentations.