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    I have got a strange behavior of the simple Frosted Glass Material in Rhino. There are three identical simple geometries (i created one and then copied it), to which I gave the same Frosted Glass Material. When these geometries are under direct sunlight, they look almost the same (which is also strange), but when I have a ceiling, thay start to look very differently. See the attached images.

    I am using:

    Rhino Version 6 SR11 (6.11.18344.20091, 10.12.2018)

    Enscape Version: 2.4.1



    It at the bottom of the favorite view manager. Be careful, during the batch process different lens length are ignored and so it can be that you don't get the same results like per manual screen shooting.

    A question to Enscape Team:

    will it be possible someday to controll the Field of View for Batch Render? It would really help to save time, when I have to make a lot of views.

    Hi JACK.Z

    I've also tried to render animation. The problem is, that Enscape needs some time to adapt itself to the changes. So in order for this to work, you need to make Rhino wait a bit. In my case it was a movement of a plattform in z axes. I've made a button for that. For me it worked, but it took really a lot of time to render frame by frame. You can take my mix of scripting and Macros and adapt it for your need:







    (Option Explicit

    Call Main()

    Sub Main()

    Rhino.Sleep 10000

    End Sub)



    (Option Explicit

    Call Main()

    Sub Main()

    Rhino.Sleep 20000

    End Sub)

    @Micha Thank you for the advice. But I have found one more alternative:

    I mark the views in Enscape View Manager (with the stars), so that I can choose them in Enscape Viewport. And I turn off the synchronization between Rhino and Enscape viewports. But I have to remember the Field of View, which I manually give in Enscape Settings for every Rhino View. In order to remember, I just write it in the view name.

    But of course this is still not solving the problem 100% and gives more chances for making mistakes in workflow.

    So I'm still looking forward for the solution from Enscape Team.

    Hi everyone!

    I have an issue with Enscape Screenshots. I have a named view set up in Rhino and use it to make Screenshots in Enscape. But I have noticed, that the Screenshot depends on the propotion of Rhino Viewport. So that, when I move the border of the Properties Panel, it affects the Enscape Screenshot too. This thing totally messes my work, when I have to make the same views once I have changes in the project. Or when someone else has to save the same views on another computer with another Rhino Viewport propotion.

    Could you please tell me, if there is a way to hold the Enscape view dependant on Rhino Named Views and at the same time independant on the Viewport propotion? Or is it something, that is not there yet?

    The example screens are attached



    first of all I want to say, that Enscape is really impressing. The more I work in it, the less I want to use other Plug-Ins. Still from time to time I face different problems. Most of them are already described by others. But now I've got a problem, that makes me switch to another Plug-In:

    I have an issue with the Mirror. It just doesn't reflect the transparent objects. This topic is crucial for my project.

    Is it something, you are going to fix in the nearest future?