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    thanks for the answer!

    another question... I have an Enscape license that I use for Revit and ArchiCAD, is it possible to use the same one for BricsCAD?

    Currently it gives me an error during activation :/


    Quick question... Does Enscape work with BricsCAD BIM V22?

    I found information that it works with older versions, but I don't know if the support has continued?



    I didn't want to open a new topic because the problem is similar...

    Revit crash upon clicking IFC export and this problem is related to Enscape.

    I have removed Enscape addin for Revit 2022, IFC Export works. move addin back, IFC crashes Revit.

    I´m using Revit Ver. and Enscape 3.2.

    A large number of users have the same problem!

    Do you have any solution to this problem?