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    As an Archicad running on windows user I run into the same problem quite often. If Enscape bugs out for some X reason then I can't "kill" the process on the task manager. Really wished it was listed as a sepperate process so I don't have to open everything all over again, especially really heavy files on a cloud server.

    After re-installing to enscape latest version everything works as it should! Plus scaling! (no rottation on the x,y axes but I saw the relevant thread).

    Also one little thing I noticed was that assets that were placed while on the previous version of Enscape were not scalable. You have to place a new asset from the library and then the option is available! :D

    Thanks! I just sent one but it was from 3.1. I will try to replicate the issue if I got time today with 3.2 again and send a report from there.