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    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Demian.

    I don't think it has to do with file size as I have successfully uploaded a previous test model which was 799 MB.

    This model with the linked objects is only 237 MB.

    I do hope you can resolve this issue, as the proxy option in Enscape is a wonderful way for me to include the highly detailed plant models I need for my work.

    I really can't do an effective job if I have to reduce the geometry!

    The project is still in draft mode. Here is the link :…ce-4c68-b98f-892369dcf2f5


    Hi there lovely Enscape people,

    Has anybody experienced issues like the screenshot below when uploading their SketchUp file?

    My sketchup model is filled with linked models from the Enscape Objects tab, could this be the reason?

    Thank you in advance for your help <3

    Hello Clemens,

    Thank you for those pointers, esp. the refractive index.

    I also use SketchUp and have been trying to perfect glasses of red and white wine, but my results are still only mediocre.

    Being able to render a realistic jug of orange juice or a pitcher of beer would also be so awesome!

    A video tutorial on liquid beverages by the experts at Enscape would be so much appreciated!! <3 Thank you

    Hi there lovely Enscape people,

    Helen Reinold posted an article on 31. Oct 2018 about best practices regarding the asset library.

    Lots of good points there, thank you.

    Just wondering where all these people she has used in the example renders are to be found? I only have 20 people and they don't look like hers.

    I would love to use them in my work too!

    Screenshot attached.

    Many thanks.



    Hello again!

    It would be fantastic if you could include recreational people in swimmers/bathing costumes for all those pool and outdoor entertainment areas.

    1. People in a sitting pose to place into a spa.

    2. Adults and children splashing, swimming or doing pool activities like throwing a ball etc.

    3. People laying on sun lounges

    Many thanks in advance <3



    Thanks for responding Pinoy. Just to clarify my dilemma is getting the deep red liquid to look realistic.

    I've tried setting the material type to liquid, but it renders clear even though I have given it a tint colour. Have played around with all the settings I can think of even leaving the colour as generic and changing the opacity levels. No luck :(

    Hi guys,

    Does anybody have any pointers in creating a realistic glass of red wine?

    Or perhaps have a sketchup model of one with settings I can analyse?

    Thanks so much.



    Hi there lovely Enscape people!

    10 very popular landscaping plants used in Australia by architects and designers.

    Any chance of having these in the asset library PLEASE? <3

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    Thanks so much.

    Cheers Manuela

    Hi guys,

    Please find attached a PDF of tree species I would love to see available in the plants asset library.

    I work as a landscape designer and finding quality 'designer' 3D model plant species suitable for Sketchup and Enscape is quite difficult.

    I have quite a wish list, but have restrained myself to 6 species :)




    Hi there,

    I have just discovered Enscape and am exploring its potential with the trial version (and am very impressed so far).

    It seems I am having the same problems with Panoramas.

    When uploading a normal resolution panorama to the cloud it works well - no problems at all.

    However when changing the 'Capture' setting to high resolution, I get an error message about half way through.

    I get the error message well before the 2 minute time limit as mentioned in a post above. It is only a mono panorama - file size 26.5 MB.

    I have attached a screenshot below of the error message.

    Many thanks for your help.