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    We wholeheartedly agree with emilyleyl regarding the need for more diverse entourage. In 2021 it is upsetting to go through the entourage catalogue and see such a lack of diversity. It is hard for us to represent the work we want to represent with this lack of diversity. It is not possible to present designs to clients and show an almost entirely white washed scene and feel comfortable with it. There is a need to consider different types of diversity as well. Not only is there a serious lack of BIPOC but we have gone through the entire catalogue several times and are unable to find entourage representing people with different body types, abilities, and representations of people other than overwhelmingly able bodied white representation.

    We genuinely appreciate this forum to express the future needs that we have for this platform, but we also need to state the immediate need for more diverse entourage. Love the product in general, but you need to know that this is impacting business decisions for us in a very real way. We hesitate to continue using this rendering engine because of this lack of diversity. We are Philadelphia based and any project we represent in Philadelphia which is a major metropolitan city of 1.6 million people, needs to accurately represent the demographics here, which are 44.1 percent black, 35.8 percent white, 13.6 percent Latino and 7.2 percent Asian.

    Thanks again for taking this seriously.