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    Hello, can I please request to add this cool functionality to modify the water parameters (.e.g water color, wave height ...), also in the other plugins especially Rhino?

    I'm a ship designer, and having the possibilites to get something, looking somehow like seawater would be just greaaatttt.

    An alternative workaround would be adding watermaterials (pool upto seawater), similar to the skybox selection?

    Thanks in advance

    Dear Enscape-Team,

    you really do a great job with the program. It's actually an also a replacement for standard render tools- if it could do simple parallel views like Side View, Front View, Top view which are standard/ everyday job for everyone creative like architects!!

    I tried the numpad- commands, you mentioned before:

    • 5 - Top View
    • 2,4,6,8 horizontal views from different directions

    Honestly thats are not parallel view, see enclosed picture-it's totally distorted.

    Please work on this, it's a major drawback- before solving other nicies.