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    I like the new ability to link Enscape Assets and Revit Families, however, it's a clunky process. I'd like to see an added way of linking them, going from selecting the family in the Revit view, and then being able to pick the Enscape Asset to link it to, removing some of the dialogs/search boxes along the way.

    So... still waiting on any word about Navisworks functionality. I see Vectorworks somehow got into the development agenda in the interim. There have to be at least as many Navis users as Vectorworks. Please get Navisworks on the development agenda!

    I know this may be a long term request, but I would really like to have an Enscape plugin for Navisworks (now that you've tackled Revit, SketchUp, Archicad, and Rhino).

    We've been getting a lot of mileage out of the Revit plugin, but are running into more and more requests for VR of the entire coordination model, and having a Navisworks plugin would make life a lot easier for us! Plus, it's also a less crowded space when it comes to VR/real-time rendering plugins as opposed to Revit, could be a good time to establish your corner on the market... :)