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    Hi Thomas!

    Just wanted to say thanks for response!

    But an installer for a viewer that is signed, makes much more sense, instead of sending "random.exe" files.

    Especially for us IT dudes regarding safety issues :)

    And yes, AV software looks for patterns and sometimes get a false positive - we use Symantec.

    (and as you can see in the link in the first post, three other AV finds something as well)

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    Non-graphical user here - just IT dude :)

    An exported Enscape file have some sort of "virus" in it, and I ran in on the interwebs:…e3a1/analysis/1498639666/

    (4/61) and it seems non-critical.

    But nonetheless our AV (Symantec) reacts on the file.

    In these days (and 20 years back) sending an .exe file and relying on people opening .exe files is NOT a good idea. Every computer user should know that opening .exe files from other people is a no-go.

    So we ask for Enscape to develop a viewer and their own file extension other than .exe :)

    And we ask why some AV will see the .exe file as a virus?

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