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    Hi guys,

    It would be nice to see an option to be able to adjust the height of the Horizon preset/Sky Box Images

    We have some projects that are Pent Houses 60 floors up, and projects that are Subway Entrances, that go underground.

    Being able to adjust these items up and down, would be fantastic.


    Hi Kaj Burival

    We do not have a proxy server in place, we have tried disabling the windows firewall and that doesn’t resolve the issue either.

    We have successfully installed and activated enscape in the past, we have another computer running enscape with no issues, on the same network.

    I was provided a temp license, but that also isn't working!

    This issue is becoming very problematic...


    I've purchased a floating license.

    Installed it on 2 machines, my workstation, and my VR station.

    I had to reset my work station completely, and my IT guy didn't remove it from my machine prior to erasing everything..

    I tried re-licensing my work station but keep getting activation failed message.

    I tried removing the license from all the machines and putting it back, rebooting, etc.

    Nothing is working.

    Please help!

    Hi guys,

    It seems to me the resolution (displayed size) of the .exe file is dependent on the screen size where it is being output.

    I've done a few tests, and all of the .exe files output from a machinehooked up to 1080 displays, end up looking very pixelated on a 4K display.

    The only way I got it to work, was by outputting the exe file from a tower hooked up to a 4k display.

    Can anyone confirm, or tell me if I am doing anything wrong.

    PS: My workstation has HD monitors, while my VR room has a 4K display. I would say this is stadard practice, since no one REALLY needs a 23" 27" 4K display.


    Also a good way to do it! Thanks for the feedback. I am now having issues looking at an EXE export in 4K, when exported from an HD display...everything is very pixalated and the glass flickers terribly.

    The re-load is much quicker than the initial loading (even on large models). The exploded geometry only happens when you do stuff in the model, so as long as you don't change anything during the presentation you should be OK. There also seems to be a build-up of actions before it happens; if you have freshly loaded the model and don't have too many geometry changes to demonstrate live then you should be OK.

    (I have never had a problem setting up layers and scenes for presenting various options.)

    I might be missing something. When you say reload, do you mean close enscape and re-export, or is there a button I can press somewhere?

    The latest preview fixed the issue, but I might have to install the latest release to avoid other potential bugs.