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    Thanks for your support.

    Unfortunately I just can't spend more than a 1070 right now and can't wait until the next month as I have some work to present on August 2nd.

    I've already ordered the 1070ti and everything that's needed for the system.

    I'll report back the results then :)

    Hi community!

    I'm about to start a system build almost only for SketchUp + Enscape but I'm a bit concerned if it is enough for what I'm planning to do

    The main specs are an i5 - 8600k + an Nvidia 1070 + 16gigs of RAM everything connected to one full HD display for working and a 4k display for showing.

    I'm not interested in VR by now (and won't be entering that realm in the forthcoming years) and my models rarely surpass 50-100Mb (I work with commercial interiors)

    I want to know if this system will allow us to show in real time the results in the 4k monitor and make design decisions at the speed of thought...

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    I'm eager to try the software :)