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    ArchiCAD 23, GTX 3080 latest drivers. Win 10. Crashes on launch every time. Sketchup works fine.

    Have to revert to 3.1 for now which is a pain as 3.2 has much better Oculus support (and of course the better assets).

    Not sure if its something to do with assets placed in version 3.1 in a file trying to open in 3.2???

    Otherwise sent the logs etc.

    I'd like to switch it at whim for the entire model, like the material override 'white mode' and then switch it off for reference, and preferably keep the transparent materials such as glass at the same time.

    Is there a way to override the model materials, a bit like the 'White Model' mode, but with my own custom material?

    My office is starting to realistically contemplate how Enscape visualisation (primarily in VR) can be used to help legal cases in terms of local planning requirements.

    Part of the problem is the typical thought that what is represented is not 100% accurate.

    Something that has been raised that may improve perception of viewing a proposal in VR is perhaps we can override a material (apart from glass for example - exactly like white mode) but with a grid for instance, set up at a particular dimension.

    Say, 1m or 1' so that distances can actually be judged a little more fairly.

    If this were to be implemented as an overlay that might be even more useful rather than the user creating a texture at a 1x1m hatch scale or something like that.

    Game designers often use a grid base texture system like this to map out designs before assets are implemented as it helps visualise space and volume a lot more clearly.

    A bit like this:…/12806/texturesmeshes.jpg


    Or this: https://theklockwerkapple.file…14/05/scale_test_room.jpg

    I suspect UV mapping might become an issue, seeing that Revit and Sketchup don't handle UVs very well. It would be good if the edge justification started on the grid line of course.