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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.


    Thanks for telling me to Read the fu*king manual. Super helpful...

    I've asked every single user in New York if there was this particular issue prior to 4.0 release, and the answer was no. Direct access to the graphics card or not, our users are absolutely fine using, Rhino, Twinmotion, 3ds max, Corona, Unreal Engine 5.3, Vray, & Adobe Suite in a Remote situation, but Enscape, not a chance.

    The answer I keep getting is just use 3.5.6, but for close to $50,000k a year I would expect to use the latest release. Is that so much to ask?

    I’d like to add, this does not JUST affect our New York office. Our Seattle and New York office work collaboratively on projects and revit files and we all know what happens if users have different versions installed…

    Therefore we need to consider our entire office of 50 Enscape users to downgrade to address this disaster.

    Not a great way to end the week, having to tell our entire office they can’t have nice things.

    This isn’t just a fluke, or an error, this is a systematic problem.

    What a joke. I just had to tell our artists in our New York office we may need to downgrade, based on the response Chaos gave to the user above.

    We live in a remote work world. This should have been addressed before release!

    We expect to see a hotfix for this soon, otherwise why do we pay $1000.00 a year per user if we can’t even use the latest version…

    Come on…

    I have been battling Enscape for years. Here are my 2 cents.

    1) Enscape is only successful in large Architecture firms due to its capabilities to have multi users at once inside Revit. The day will soon come when a software like D5, or Twinmotion will have those capabilities and once that happens its game over for Enscape for Revit. Full stop. Everyone knows all other rendering software's are lightyears superior but Architecture firms cant afford to jump outside into a standalone rendering engine each time they need some visualizations. That to me is the only thing keeping Enscape alive.

    2) Cost. It is unbelievable that they charge $1000.00 USD per license for this software, PER YEAR!. Corona costs half that, Twinmotion is still free <$1million ($500 for revenue higher) and I cannot understand why. We are spending close to $50k a year on this software that feels underfunded, and underdeveloped. For the amount of money we spend, I expect some critically important updates at least once a year. Every other software that we spend less on have blown us away with their updates so the cost feels appropriate to us.

    3) Revit & Enscape is like a marriage going through counseling and its only getting worse. Revit is inherently a frustrating software when it comes to visualization. That's because it is a documentation software, not a visualization software. Throw Enscape in the mix and it cripples the workflow, and therefore productivity. Constant crashes, freezes, loss of settings and cameras, all without a proper error log. It takes user ages to do any task. Not because they do not know what they are doing, its just the tools feel so antiquated. Not everyone at our firm has a super fast computer, and watching them struggle is like nails on a chalkboard. I feel so bad knowing that any other visualization tool would be far more enjoyable. To be honest, Enscape makes creating visualizations frustrating and 1+1 never = 2 when using it. We've adopted a workflow to counter that. We let Enscape do about 40% of the work then we finish it off in PSD when we can. Its sad that at $1000.00 USD a year we wont even use it to its full capabilities.

    4) Nothing in the roadmap warrants the cost. Nothing. Check for yourself.…al/tabs/18-in-development

    5) If the game plan is to move everyone to Vray, please just tell us. We can prepare for, and move all 50 users to it sooner rather than later.

    6) To some other users posts, yes there are some power users who can create amazing results on a regular basis but when asked their process they still come back to saying how much they dislike Enscape because of the inefficiencies and time investment just to get a decent image. Again, 1+1 rarely = 2 when using Revit and Enscape.

    7) Please create "Enscape lights" Separate to Revit, Rhino, SU. Just Enscape unique lights that are use directly inside the Enscape window. That would be revolutionary for your software and keep many people from jumping ship.

    It might sound like I am anti-Enscape. I am to some degree, but its more frustration than anything. I see so many other software going full steam ahead and leaving Enscape in the dust and that gap is growing bigger and bigger to a point I don't think Enscape can ever recover if they don't make some serious changes. I've had to educate all of our architects and designers to only think of Enscape as a helpful little buddy that can give you a little nudge across the finish line. Never expect it to do anything else. Our clients, principals, owners, and day to day users are sick of the Enscape look and want something more. They are not stupid, they see what else is being created and the have every single right to expect it at $50,000 USD per year (and growing).

    So to end my rant, issue 1) Is the only thing keeping Enscape afloat here in our office. I feel within the next three years some other software will offer up up real-time collaboration visualization within Revit and when it does we will move without question.


    Our firm constantly runs into this issue across all Revit versions and Enscape versions.

    I am currently in 3.5 and I am surprised this is still happening? Some files it is worse than others and we cant seem to pinpoint the reason that causes this. Each user has the issue happen at different times of the project.

    This scene is a simple scene created for rendered previews of our families. right out of the box file. We did notice that once you click the camera again it sometimes sets back correctly, but often times it does not.

    What do we need to change to prevent this from ever happening again. Users are now reverting back to writing down the time of day each time they want to re-render. I have recorded a video in hopes that helps. Is is something in the Revit side of things?


    Finally redid our entire library and while it looks good and works as intended, our users cannot see all the categories. Can we please have subcategories?

    Tree--> Aspen


    I dont want to put all my tree assets in a Tree category because then the users would still need to search even further. I think our whole industry would benefit from Parent and children folders.

    Or at least can we get the option to scroll down? If this remains the same we wont be able to purchase any more custom assets since they will push the lower categories down and out of the pop out window. I thought about separating the categories into tree species, deciduous, conifer, etc types but then it goes back to the older problem of users having now way to easily find their asset in a sea of thousands. And in the months to come when we add more assets, the problem would eventually come back.

    The attached image shows our two bottom categories cut off with no way of seeing them.

    It would make our users lives SO much better.

    Let me know what you think.


    I have about 1500 assets from Globe Plants and we were looking for an easy way to categorize them. But I am running into issues that when I direct the source path to the folders they are unable to be categorized. Only assets that I 'Import Project' show up as able to categorize.

    GP_01 - Project asset locations and three assets I manually imported. They were categorized correctly.

    GP_02 - Export asset location

    Path - Source Path that included the set 'Ornamental plant pot' You can also see the three imported projects

    Now when I go to the Custom Asset Editor, only the manually imported projects are available to categorize. GP_05

    So my question is, do I need to manually import every project file from the Globe Plant asset packs in order to categorize them? It would be fine if you could batch import projects like you could .fbx or .obj files.

    Hopefully I am just doing something wrong and its an easy fix, otherwise I cant imagine manually importing 1500 projects.

    Thank you for your help

    I am using version 3.4.4


    downloaded 3.5 but I do not see any feature updates in Revit. Specifically changing materials of assets, and assets with Varients and configurable lights.. Am I missing something? I do not see the Pencil icon below the three trees icon in the assets.

    Do you have a video or a step by step to see 3.5 new features in Revit?

    So I can create as many categories as I want on my machine, but those categories do not show up for anyone else. All created categories are local.

    So everyone would need to import the custom assets and add them to their own categories. There is no way to do this on the network. In an ideal situation I could create the entire folder (categories) structure on a network drive.





    And then its as easy as linking to the same network folder and having those folders be recognized as categories in Enscape so its all done for them.

    Another major concern for us is when we copy and past these packs we get from Globe Plants, you cant edit the asset because it cant find the project file. The project files for each custom asset is buried in their folder structure so its a matter of completely dumping every single fil in one folder and that is not ideal either,

    In the images below you can see the following.

    Error_01 - The categories created do not show up on the network folder structure.

    Error_02 - Example of existing assets I copied and pasted into the folder

    Error_03 - All of the copied and pasted custom assets from Globe Plants to NOT appear in the Custom Asset Editor to be categorized

    Error_04 - Cant edit custom imported assets because it cant find the Project file. Which each Project file is located deep into the folder structure of Globe Plant assets.

    So just to reiterate. Category creation is local, and cannot be shared across a network. Assets have to be individually imported in order to be categorized and cannot read copy and pasted assets. Luckily, we can still use them but they all sit in the Uncategorized section.

    I know this is a lot of information so I hope it makes sense. Hoping someone from Enscape can hop on a call and share screen to walk me through it.


    About 6 months ago I inquired about Custom Asset library configuration and how it was not scalable. I was told that these issues would be fixed with the most recent update and when It was announced our firm was over the moon to be able to have a network folder structure easily shared across all of our 75+ Enscape users. The update came and it did not solve the issue. I also posted on these forums but did not hear back from support. I am going to break down the issue as detailed as possible in hopes I can get a response and an estimated time when an update will solve the issue.

    The ask:

    Network folder linking capabilities for firm wide asset management.

    The problem:

    Enscape only allows local Category creation. Enscape does not recognize network folder structures. Therefore every single Enscape user would need to create and move thousands of custom assets to dozens of categories locally for it to be organized and standardized across our firm. Only to have to do it again every time new assets are added or created.

    The solution:

    Allow Enscape Custom Asset management tool to recognize folders created on a network to allow all Enscape users to simply link to, and recognize, the folders created by one person. Remove the option of creating categories locally. If not, have a warning that if categories are created, they are local and not shared with a network link.

    Other software allows this feature and it makes scaling an absolute breeze. For example, Twinmotion also has a similar problem of linking to a network but at least you can copy and paste the folders and assets locally and have Twinmotion automatically pick up the folders named on the network.

    In order to keep Enscape as our go-to software, we really need to solve for this. We love it, it creates amazing renderings, but it fall short of being a scalable rendering solution for our firm.

    If this problem of mine has in fact been fixed, or I am doing something completely wrong, I will quickly remove this post.

    The attached image shows how my network folder structure (albeit a little unorganized) is not registered in Enscape, and vice versa. And since this custom asset link was used primarily for our vegetation I don't feel comfortable just dumping individual furniture assets into it without proper network folder recognition. Every Enscape user would then have to create their own subcategories and that is not an appropriate thing to ask of them in 2022.

    I am looking forward to your response.

    thank you

    I was able to figure out why it was registering a project with new assets compared to old. Apparently ALL project files need to be in the same location.

    My biggest question remains. Can we create a folder structure on our server so when people link to the Custom Assets Folder, it will pick up the folder creation automatically? That would be a game changer, otherwise all of our users need to go in and create 20+ sub categories and transfer hundreds of assets around.

    Any thoughts of a work around or a solution in the future?

    Thank you

    To follow up.

    Is there any way to create categories for all our users? Ideally I would create all the sub categories based on tree species, move the correct species into those subcategories and then all 150+ of our users can just link to the same folder structure on our server.

    Otherwise I do not see any of our users spending the time to create and subcategories hundreds of assets.