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    I don't have the toolbar on the left nor the info panel on the bottom as shown in this video. I've looked through all of my settings and can't find anything that turns these on or off. I must be missing something because without these I cannot scatter assets at all!

    You need to first click the assets button in the top left, the one with the tree. From here you can use the multi-place asset icon, the multiple trees stacked on top of each other. This should get your screen looking how the video is starting.

    @thienmakt1 We had this issue a couple of months ago and when looking at the preview log it would have most likely been between 3.4 and 3.5. First, make sure your folder is still there and has all of your assets in it, if this is the case then follow below.

    I know this sounds counter-intuitive, though we used this method on all 12 of our in-house machines that were experiencing this issue. You mostly need to force it to refresh. Let's say your custom assets folder is located in .../Desktop/Enscape/Enscape Assets instead of trying to just relink to this portion you will need to relink your custom assets folder one back. So relink it to .../Desktop/Enscape. Note this will take multiple minutes to load depending on how many assets you have. Let everything load in. Finally, Re-link to the original folder located in our example of .../Desktop/Enscape/Enscape Assets. You should find everything populating in your custom assets browser. After I did this fix it worked in every snapshot version and has held without redoing the fix for every version we have downloaded after the start of this problem.

    Furthering onto iCON N I experience the same issue and occasionally can get the shadows to update by hitting the stop sync button and turning it back on. I have also tried changing views and view sets. However, I am finding more and more when neither of these workarounds is getting the shadows to update. Instead, I am forced to close Enscape and restart the software entirely.

    As someone who is in a position to frequently weigh the pros and cons of our in-house software, I noticed that the Roadmap Portal has become stale over the last year. While some requests have been added on "request for feedback" or "in development" it seems others have been there through multiple major version releases. To clarify this post is not intended to critique the rate at which features are being developed, I am instead making a comment towards the lack of presented roadmap items, especially the ones requested by popular demand over the last year or two. I can immediately think of all the people who have requested for bevel edges on this forum page and I can imagine on the portal as well, Why is there not a little square requesting feedback on this? This is just an example and I am sure there are other features that are constantly being submitted.

    While I do understand that someone has to manually go through all these suggestions and that it takes time, I think the community deserves a sense of recognition that their voices are being heard and not feel like our suggestions are being thrown into a black hole even if Demian reassures us that someone is listening. Also as the list dwindles down to its final items, it makes me as a consumer wonder what is the path that Enscape will be pursuing in future updates. While the promise of Asset overhauls and monthly bundles are nice to hold us until the next big update, I sure hope the creative minds at Enscape have so much more planned for their software even if the features take years to integrate.

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I need to study the method mentioned by Kaj Burival, and layered toposolids by agawrys12

    About the railing, I already use them but again, the strips on enscape texture look so much better (crispy and a bit fading) than a simple white solid on the floor (railings).

    alessandroj Whether you use the toposolids or subregions method to get the best-looking lines I like to apply the normal map of my road to my stripping.

    Ie. I may use the Enscape Material Library asset: Road 04, I will then duplicate this material as my "yellow stripe" and remove the albedo image map and instead just apply my yellow or white color. This way the rough texture of the road shows up under that yellow and it doesn't look out of place.

    Do you know how to get True curved geometry in Enscape as the geometry became jagged

    This is the reason I no longer use this method, and if you are using Revit 2024 then the best method is layered toposolids. Though with the railing method, you have to be designing on a close-to-flat site, any large changes in elevation will cause the jagged triangular effect that you see. I suggest trying the method of subregions that I outlined above as it will stay as a true curved geometry.

    If you happen to be using Revit 2024 I highly suggest doing these via the new divided topography tool as it is the easiest and most accurate approach. If you are in an early version then you would need to cut out the strip section in your road subdivision and then apply a new subcategory for the stipe. I can further clarify this method if I need to! though here is a simple case where we achieve the road lines in the center. This is a feasibility model so we didn't go into super detail on the road or site textures but if we thought we needed to devote time to that then it would have helped the view!

    Thanks for the report. This is by design and the asset should fit the thumbnail when placed down. You also have access to another couch without pillows though:

    Not every asset has a dedicated description though, so the lack thereof for Sofa 065 is to be expected.

    Let me know in case I am missing something of course or if anything else comes up.

    My apologies, now after I see it placed in Enscape I can tell that one of the pillows change over to a new design. This being said I do find it interesting that the 3-seater sofa depicted in Asset 035 does not have a no pillow variant. The one you listed is only 2 seats. To clarify I am not requesting a 3-seater no pillow option, I am only making an observation that I find it interesting the variance change is a different pattern on the pillows instead of no pillows. While the other sofa variances are depicting a no-pillow option. Though of course, I am not aware what the community has requested for furniture variances so this may have been a requested option.

    Hi, Bjoern,

    I completely understand this, I actually think it would be a great resource to have VRAY involved in the conference with industry leaders. It would be such a cool conference to have members from the AEC world, digital artists, and matte painters all learning from each other. It's exciting to even think about a conference with this many like-minded talented professionals! Please include anything you would like and feel free to contact me anytime!

    I have been expermenting in AI in architecture for the last year, I have tried MidJourney, Versa, Chat GPT, and now Fire Fly. In my opinion the only two that I have found viable is Fire Fly and a little bit of MidJourney. While Fire Fly still has it's quirks it does somethings really well especially when asking it to do background assets, ones not in focus. MidJourney on the other hand I have used for brain storming and programing, sometimes using it to try and imagine a theme in my head before attempting the render. I haven't tried control net, but it seems to be a somewhat viable option in the industry.

    Where I really think AI will improve our workflow sooner then we think is AI generated 3D objects, I can see this coming fast to the industry and be the norm for populating your scenes. No more searching through countless websites to find the perfect golfcart model when you can just ask for it to be created. I think the first application to go full speed into this industry will have the upper hand by the end, though I don't see the need for rendering applications disappearinganytime soon. Especially due to some of the unexpected results I have encountered in my studies.

    This cam be too fold, imediatly looking at the people being used I would say yes this is Enscape hands down, they are enscape people and commonly used ones. When looking at the style that's when I can start to believe the arqument that it could be using the same models and rendering through another software. Though In reality this is seems much further away than the more likely stance that this is enscape with heavy post production. Seems like someone has applied a custom filter ontop of these renderings using photoshop and have a signature look of their own. If I had to guess it was most likely done through photoshop.

    What happened to it? This morning I was wondering when the convention would be coming and couldn't believe that its been 2 years now since 21 and Envision 22 never existed. I thought this such a beneficial and informative event and would love to see another round. While technologically there may not be a lot to present it would be interesting to see you to give a platform for artist to present their work and have the ability for Q & A. I could see lectures on post processing, matte painting/photo bash, 3D modeling, talks from BIM managers giving their tips to optimize the use of Enscape. Even professionals in the industry that are using Enscape --> Vray and how this improves client relations. I am sure there is legal logistics and financing that go into events like these that make them complicated to run but I believe it is beneficial to the growth of the community and can help raise the bar for beginners. There is also still a small tutorial presence for Enscape of YouTube and these lectures could go there after the event helping the catalog of literature for beginners. I think these events have a lot of potential and it also forces speakers to get creative to top what was shown or presented the previous year, this in turn forces innovation and experimentation.

    This is purely a question towards BIM 360 and other firms use of this with Enscape. To lay the ground work we used to work the old way of have a local central file, requesting disciplines to send updated bases and relink them into our project. When we needed exposed structure to look a certain way we would open up the disciplines model, change the material and all works great in our Enscape Renderings. Now we have transitioned to BIM 360 and we don't get these local discipline drawings anymore as everyone thing is connected through the web but if we have exposed structure it is glowing white in our Enscape View as that is the defaul material they use. What do you guys do to get your renderings look the way you want it?

    We came up with a few possible sollutions but they all have their own downsides, we can request the discplines to use a certian material but they don't do rendering work so we may have to teach them how to input PBR materials. Also if we end up not liking what we have requested and want it changed we have to work back and forth on just what shade and reflectivity of black we are looking for and what not. The other option is doing a "copy -> monitor" that way it will move when the structure moves but if you have a full exposed beam system this could literally take hours.

    There is also the third, non-existent but would be would be a very helpful option, this would be to have the ability to apply materials through the enscape window, much like other rendering software. Then we could ignore revit and it's quirks and get production renderings started early in our design phase. I would love any other ideas as we are at the extent of our brainstorming and think making a copy of each member is the easiest way.

    This is a fairly recent problem since we last updated enscape in December. To start I noticed that our whole custom asset library was blank after updating even though it was pather to the same location as before. So I tried re-pathing and same issue, I checked the folder to maker sure the files still exist, and they were still in the folder. I then went to another team members computer to check and they were experiencing the same issue.

    After some hasty back-dates to previous folder versions I was on the verge of giving up because nothing has been added to this folder in almost a year and it all worked fine before the latest update. I even tried uninstalling an re-installing enscape and no avail they would show up. I then decided to repath the folder one folder structure back, as in if the previous folder was located in Desktop -> Enscape -> Enscape Assets -> Custom Assets I am instead pathing it to Desktop -> Enscape -> Enscape Assets. And boom this solved the issue of not being able to see or load my custom assets.

    Now onto the side affects of this change, I now have unbearable load times when I click my custom asset folder, these were not there last time the library was working. Now in your defense I have about 164 custom models and they mostly consist of 3D Render People and High Poly Trees. Though this load time was not present before, not sure if this is user error, a bug, or a product of my own creation.

    Our team has found the need to reposition the view management fly out multiple times in meetings and we feel this would be such a nice and easy addition to the interface of Enscape. This primarily is an issue during meetings within our large conference room. Depending on which side of the screen the "Driver" sits on he/she may need the view management on the opposite side of default for easy viewing and ability to quickly go to the desired view. For most meetings our workflow is by favoriting views and going through it with an Xbox controller though when we need to go to a certain view for discussion the visual impairment at times due to the default view management docking can make an unpleasant experience, While free floating panels may be too much to code into Enscape, an ability to flip sides in the settings panel or even mirror the whole panel bar by clicking a button would be a "niche" but useful feature. I am also adding this to the feature portal.

    As an additional response to this thread but not directed towards water, if you have any materials that are not generic in Revit though you still want to keep the look, name, or all the objects still connected to this specific material and access it in Revit. All you have to do is open the material manager in Revit and for the selected material right click the panel on the right that says "Appearance" and then click "Duplicate as Generic". Now you can access that same material with all the Revit maps applied in the Enscape Material editor.