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    This is a fairly recent problem since we last updated enscape in December. To start I noticed that our whole custom asset library was blank after updating even though it was pather to the same location as before. So I tried re-pathing and same issue, I checked the folder to maker sure the files still exist, and they were still in the folder. I then went to another team members computer to check and they were experiencing the same issue.

    After some hasty back-dates to previous folder versions I was on the verge of giving up because nothing has been added to this folder in almost a year and it all worked fine before the latest update. I even tried uninstalling an re-installing enscape and no avail they would show up. I then decided to repath the folder one folder structure back, as in if the previous folder was located in Desktop -> Enscape -> Enscape Assets -> Custom Assets I am instead pathing it to Desktop -> Enscape -> Enscape Assets. And boom this solved the issue of not being able to see or load my custom assets.

    Now onto the side affects of this change, I now have unbearable load times when I click my custom asset folder, these were not there last time the library was working. Now in your defense I have about 164 custom models and they mostly consist of 3D Render People and High Poly Trees. Though this load time was not present before, not sure if this is user error, a bug, or a product of my own creation.

    Our team has found the need to reposition the view management fly out multiple times in meetings and we feel this would be such a nice and easy addition to the interface of Enscape. This primarily is an issue during meetings within our large conference room. Depending on which side of the screen the "Driver" sits on he/she may need the view management on the opposite side of default for easy viewing and ability to quickly go to the desired view. For most meetings our workflow is by favoriting views and going through it with an Xbox controller though when we need to go to a certain view for discussion the visual impairment at times due to the default view management docking can make an unpleasant experience, While free floating panels may be too much to code into Enscape, an ability to flip sides in the settings panel or even mirror the whole panel bar by clicking a button would be a "niche" but useful feature. I am also adding this to the feature portal.

    As an additional response to this thread but not directed towards water, if you have any materials that are not generic in Revit though you still want to keep the look, name, or all the objects still connected to this specific material and access it in Revit. All you have to do is open the material manager in Revit and for the selected material right click the panel on the right that says "Appearance" and then click "Duplicate as Generic". Now you can access that same material with all the Revit maps applied in the Enscape Material editor.

    I see that now, I tried finding other threads but somehow didn't see those. In all honesty if Enscape provided the amount of channels that D5 does and allowed users to even choose which ones they want to export I think Enscape would excel far beyond its competitors and this seems like just a common rendering engine function.

    Transparency and Reflection Maps, primarily transparency maps are most important. We do a lot of post production and having to select every single window in photoshop is very time consuming when I want to adjust reflection or color of glazing in my renders. Many other render engines do this and it seems like at least for transparency it would be a simple coding change as glass is just another material. I have thought of a way to trick the system but having to render out an additional scene where I turn all glass into a basic material and than I will have something to select though it would be nice for Enscape to implement this step. It would also be nice if we had a choice for which maps get exported as these additional channels get implemented. As currently I mainly use the material ID map and the rest aren't needed for my workflow but I still have to export them and constantly delete them from my base files.

    Also I have already submitted this to the portal, this is just a community awareness post.

    This is something I also have issues with, in regards to using hdri's especially. If you are using default Enscape sky boxes I would make sure your model is sitting at 0,0,0 of your respectice software as enscape will associate the horizon to 0,0,0 of your software. If you are using an HDRI that makes it look like you are up in the sky you will need to edit the hdri in photoshop to make it larger.

    It would be nice if we had the ability to exclude objects or materials from the white mode overlay. Much like what twinmottion uses in their "Clay Model" mode. The reason why this would come in handy is to give users the ability to to darken windows or water to exaggerate the contrast between solid and void space in renderings. This would also be helpful if it could be done by filtering out materials incase the user would want to exaggerate or emphasize a certain material in the rendering. Currently when I want to do any of this I take it into photoshop though being able to do it in one place would improve workflow efficiency.

    I would like to bring this thread back to light. I am attempting to do scattered megascans grass assets and using the Enscape scatter the density is not enough. Instead I will have to write a dynamo scipt that has a dense scatter to get the desired results.