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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    You could *accidentally* power off her workstation.. Or have IT taskkill her Enscape process. But I agree that there should be a way to close out a license from within the web console.

    I had the exact same reaction when I saw that promo email. We've been customers for about 4 years. How about a loyalty discount? I was debating cancelling our existing license subscriptions and starting a new license subscription under a new account...

    I really hate when companies have deals for new customers but not their existing ones. ISP/Telco do this all the time.

    The reason is OpenGL. Try installing the patch nvidia came out with which allows for OpenGL to run over RDP while on a Geforce card. BTW, it does work over RDP if using a Quadro card.

    None of it is officially supported by Enscape at the moment, fyi.

    I've installed that tool on a variety of Geforce gpu's today using the latest 'doom ready' drivers. 960, 1060, 1070, 1080ti, 2060, 2080ti. Opening a simple Revit model over RDP, Enscape runs. Performance is about what I would expect through an RDP session.

    With Quadros, we have been able to generally run Enscape through RDP for the past few months, without too many issues, but occasional crashes from what I've heard. Users also don't report every issue to me.

    All of my Enscape 2.7+ installs include an additional install of the VC_redist otherwise it just hangs. I fully understand that Enscape doesn't officially support usage over RDP, so I warn users that they may experience crashes.

    If some of your users are having strange behavior, check which version they are running. I've had issues with a couple people where 2.6 is uninstalled, 2.7 is installed, but somehow the user is still running on 2.6, so there are some items left behind which need to be cleaned up. The same with different versions of 2.7 msi, where I put the latest version on and they still get a popup that there is a newer version available. After doing some manual cleanup in the usual locations, they are good to go.

    This tool you linked is great news, as we have a wide mix of cards, not all quadro, and it sure seems like remote life will be lasting much longer than we predicted about a month ago.

    Hello, just wondering if anyone else has had an issue where the Revit addin Hatch22 doesn't load when Enscape 2.7+ is installed. Once Enscape 2.7+ is removed, Hatch loads fine. Installing Enscape 2.6+ allows Hatch22 to load.

    I quickly held off on rolling out this 2.7 update once I got reports from users of this loading hang. I'll wait for a proper fix before pushing out to users. It's probably unrelated, but a few installs of the 2.7 msi didn't overwrite the previous 2.6 version, and the program list had both versions side by side.

    I realize this has been posted many times and requested many times, but having the ability to manually free up license from a "stuck seat" or a "user at lunch" would be extremely helpful. Is this something that will ever exist in Enscape? My users and I would be most grateful. Thanks

    You can get Enscape to work when using RDP if it's already open and running, but tends to crash a lot and the performance is pretty bad. Similarly, I've used it with team viewer and other screen sharing software and while it does run, it drops to about 15fps or less and will probably crash at some point. Maybe some day Microsoft will improve RDP to include opengl.

    As I said, all users are 2.5 or higher and our firewall is not blocking any related traffic. We've had this issue for years at this point, pretty much happens a few times a week. Hence the request for manual license release feature. We've had to purchase extra licenses because seats gets tied up for no reason, and users on deadlines get cranky.