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    Hello! Would also like to echo GWD comment, Upload Management has always taken about 10 minutes for me, I am in Australia and get 200 megatbits / second.

    Is there any way to store panoramas locally within a folder that we can access without having to go through the upload management window? Would speed up workflow a lot too as there is no way to save multiple panoramas at once which means saving and naming each one individually.

    So I was thinking how it would be awesome if we could possibly have a secondary image channel under the height and roughness properties.. that way instead of having to play around mixing multiple roughness / height maps you could simply upload two individually with Layer 1 and Layer 2 (bottom / top) and have opacity sliders respectively?

    Not sure if that’s even possible but thought that it would be extremely helpful and allow for faster workflow.

    e.g a tile with a displacement texture for the height (mortar and tile) and another texture for that slight wobble you get when looking at a tile..

    Maybe too extreme idk haha