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    Firstly, thank you to those who responded to the post. I see that the ideal workstation for computer graphics is forming. The working software is basically autocad, sketchup / enscape, v-ray, photoshop, gimp, office, shadermap, streetview 360 °, etc. In addition to browser,

    onedrive and often working with several of these open features. However, anyone who uses Rhino, Lumion or others can benefit from this setup.

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to set up a setup for an ideal worstation for jobs (not games) with SketchUp and Enscape. The ideal is that this computer has performance and not very high cost. I expect colleagues to make variations for pockets less prepared like me. To start I'm suggesting a station that I consider ideal, however expensive. Please help with ideas.

    Computer with 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processor (3.4GHz, Quad Core with HT and Turbo Boost), 16GB DDR3 memory, 2TB Hard Drive (SATA 3 - 7,200rpm) + 220GB (SATA 3) SSD, NVIDIA Quadro M2000 (4GB) video card, 8 (7.1) channel audio, 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet network and wi-fi, USB 2.0 and 3.0,

    card reader, Micro ATX enclosure and 520W real power supply - two 21 "ultra hd monitors

    Sftwares: Win10, Sketchup 2018, Enscape last version, Photoshop (gimp or another), Shader Map, Office

    Hello Egie, thanks for the video indication. Although you have no tips on how to fit the project to the background image, it has great tips on how to do the effect in other ways. I'll try the hint of producing my own 360 ° images in which I can control the height of the image. I hope to succeed in this. A hug.

    Hello, I received this suggestion from Peter Chamberlain of Enscape Support, but with an alert that this version is unstable. I have the latest version "2.3" in trial mode to try the program and this feature would be very important for my Sketchup / Enscape applications. I thought about using the feature to also make carpets with hair, high grass and sub-grass to give realism to the images with the width and height controls of the grass / hair.

    A control over grass / weed density would also be ideal. Although I do not have these controls in my Enscape, I see the importance of controlling the height of the grass not being in percentage but rather by measuring the height variation in percentage, since the height is in percentage on which value? Gives little variation.

    Unfortunately this tutorial does not go as far as using 360 ° street view imagery. It is very difficult to fit the project into the image and the parameters in the "atmosphere" tab give little room for image adjustment besides rotation. There could be a way to lock the image while trying to frame the project or adjust the perspective.

    For example, you can lock the 360 ° image when it is in the right direction and it does not move up and down along with the project for better adaptation.

    How to make carpets with hairs on enscape? I thought I could use the gram length and width parameter, but these do not exist in version 2.3 of Enscape for SketchUp. Would anyone know how to help me? Thank you.