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    The BIM feature is showing up and working properly when used as a plugin within Revit, however a standalone exe or web file exported from Revit loses this BIM functionality. We would really like to be able to use the BIM feature on standalone exports as well.

    I have a ceiling and wall painted the same color, but when viewed in enscape they do not read at the same value. Instead, they look significantly different. It changes slightly with the time of day and angle from which I am viewing, but the image attached shows a more extreme difference between the two surfaces.

    Is there a reason why these two surfaces painted the same color render so differently based on one being a wall/vertical surface and one being a ceiling/horizontal surface?

    I use Revit 2019 with Enscape.


    Whenever I attempt to adjust the settings in Enscape 2.5 for Revit, it freezes for a few minutes before finally adjusting the setting. It is frustrating to have to wait minutes in order to make a single adjustment to my settings. Does anyone have any experience with this issue or what could be causing it?


    I just updated to Enscape 2.5 for Revit and now I'm getting an error message saying "Error starting Enscape: Object reference not set to an instance of an object...". This occurs in projects in which I have previously been using Enscape 2.4 as well as a new blank project with nothing in it. I am unable to get Enscape to open and I have tried installing multiple times. Please help.

    Hey guys!

    It would be extremely helpful during the design process and client presentations to be able to make annotations within the standalone VR file by using the headset/controllers. This could in a few different ways. It would be excellent to be able to draw in 3D within the model and then save this annotation to the standalone file that could then be opened on another system. Creating point nodes saved to the standalone file that can be clicked on to open up a 2D sketch drawing within the file would also be a great way to take notes when walking through the model during the design phase. The ability to take a screenshot within the VR walkthrough would also be very beneficial, particularly if you have the option to markup these screenshots in VR before saving them either to the cloud or directly to the system.

    Are any of these interactive features or anything similar currently being worked on? This could make Enscape much more integrated into our design process and also help us in annotating client feedback as we walk them through the building in VR.