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    Walk mode does not work while on ultra mode, sometimes not even for high or medium quality. When already in walk mode (starting in draft quality) and increase the quality to ultra, a bounce occurs, and then falls through the floor. It doesn't matter how thick the floor plate is, it just falls through. This happens to multiple models for me. I'm running 2.5.2.


    I'm exporting rhino files from a different computer into sketchup so i can i render them in enscape. I don't have enscape on the rhino computer.

    It has like a purple shade, even with no materials applied, and the sky is like black despite chanigng time to the middle of the day. Enscape settings work just fine on different non exported files.

    Any help?

    Demian Gutberlet

    I believe there should be something that shows the actual distance, in feet or meters, between the keyframes. I think it would go onto the keyframe editor, not as something that would require a slider, but showing how far apart each keyframe is. I believe this would help create smoother animations.

    So for example I want to produce a thirty second animation around the exterior of a school. Right now I would create the path and have each keyframe be 3 seconds apart. When doing this maybe keyframe 1 and 2 are 50' apart but keyframe 2 and 3 are 75' apart. The animation will end up speeding up to make it work. I can adjust the timing yes, or the position of the keyframe to try to get them at the same speed. I think just knowing how far apart the keyframes are would just help smooth out the animations and maybe eliminate some back and forth that you have to do to make the animations appear as smooth as possible. Having the animation change speed can be jarring at times and make people loss focus on what we are trying to get them to focus on.

    That being said, i just finished 3 different animations for a school proposal and I haven't had a better experience creating an animation. The UI was very simple and the time it took to export the video from our firm's alienware was extremely quick. My boss was very pleased and we are waiting to here back if we won the project or not.


    I think a nice feature to add would be to show the distance between keyframes when creating animations. One of the hardest parts of making animations in sketchup is keeping it going at a consistent pace. I believe if the keyframes said how far apart they were you could time the keyframe accordingly.

    Many thanks,