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    A feature return request:

    In previous versions of enscape once a view/model was open in enscape clicking on a favorited view would move the camera to a saved position WITHOUT reloading the model/revit settings for that view. The time of day settings would update in enscape, but the model WOULD NOT RELOAD. That feature is critical to my work flow, as I use it in client presentation to QUICKLY move between views.

    In 3.0 the views feature is reloading the revit model/settings everytime. I am returning to 2.9 for this reason. Even on views with little difference in Revit this makes changing positions slow, and for views where a consultant model is still turned on it can be several minutes to change views, and the enscape model is updated in a way that I do not want. It makes the saved view feature almost unusable. For my work flow I want to have choice about moving to a saved camera position in enscape vs. loading all of the model settings for a view. Removing that distinction is creating a huge burden.

    Please bring back the option to move to saved camera positions SEPARATELY from the option to reload the model/revit settings for a saved view!

    I am working in Revit 2019 and Enscape version 2.3

    I have consistently been experiencing glows when looking at the underside of the intersection between a horizontal and vertical plane. This behavior is not limited to roof/wall ceiling/wall joins, tho happens there. It has also been happening with-in families, and with generic models.

    Has anyone else experiences this? Know any work-around?