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    Mainly Vectorworks + Cinema4D or Modo. Now more and more Bricscad too.

    For Real Time, as there isn't any other available on Mac for now,

    I have Twinmotion

    (And play with Unreal Engine, but this a monster, in my opinion)

    I Never used Vetor, most Archicad.... I tried Cinema but I preferred to render on Sketchup, that I used most of the time.

    What you mean by monster when talking about Unreal? I found very hard to learn....

    Will be a winner when it is not only compatible with Macs and M1 and following Macs

    with Apple Silicon by Rosetta 2 but when it is optimized for Apple Silicon Macs by

    using true Metal and all Apple APIs.

    Yes, would be great.

    im curious about your m1 for architecture... what software are you using?

    carcar did you have any issues with install and set up? I keep getting audio failures for some reason. If tried the trouble shooting methods on GitHub, but have not had much luck. Did you run into any setup issues?

    I don't have any issues Ted...

    carcar I don't own a HMD and I'm not sure I understand you - you find a way to use the Oculus Go with the real time Ensapce model at the PC? How is be done the connection to the Enscape standalone at the PC? What is needed?

    Yes Micha, im using mi Oculus go with Enscape via Steam VR and ALVR

    Hey Carcar, I don't suppose you could share your process with me and the forums? I'm very interested in how you're using Steam VR and Oculus Go, are you using ALVR? I immediately wonder if this could work remotely? Set up a local node in the office, connect Oculus Go over the local network and remote into your local desktop from a laptop or something to kick off the interactive demo. That is, unless it has to be connected via a local network. Im very interested and would love to pick your brain about this.

    Yes!, im using ALVR... you need a fast router only

    Hello, I have the Oculus Go and I can not install the vr stream, as I read, for graphics card issues. Is there any other way to run walkthrougs in my glasses?
    Is it expected that there will soon be an alternative (app, web platform, update enscape ...?

    i will make a tutorial

    Hey Guys, im new on Enscape, my first day on the trial license... I just want to show you that I use the Oculus GO with Enscape... I works great!!! The process its via Steam VR and some other stuff....I will continue the testings