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    You might consider trying a plugin like Bongo for Rhino, which offers more comprehensive animation tools where you can keep the camera fixed while moving objects.

    If this solution doesn't meet your needs and you're thinking of exploring software development options, starting with an mvp for software development is a practical approach. This method allows you to create a basic functional version to test out your specific feature requirements, ensuring you develop exactly what's needed without overcomplicating your toolset.

    In terms of implementation, it might be a bit tricky, especially with UV mapping in software like Revit and Sketchup. But if they could make it work seamlessly, it could definitely help with judging distances more accurately.

    Adding a date/time stamp to Enscape videos would definitely be handy for solar analysis. I've used Enscape for similar projects, and while workarounds exist, having it built-in would be a time-saver. It could make it easier to pinpoint specific times for design adjustments.