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    Ok, I'll do that. All other games and apps in VR using my Quest 2 runs great, only Enscape has this shaking/jittery view (there are other posts here stating the same issue), its like the render is lagging behind and showing frames out of order. If I set to force 45hz, without ASW, it seems to help with the jitter, even tough my GPU is using 70% of its resources when in 90hz, ultra quality with DLSS, so it does not relate to a lack of power/resources from my PC. Have you tested it with a Quest 2 and link cable? It works for you? Thank you.

    Hello Demian Gutberlet, thanks for the reply!

    So that's why It started from SteamVR once, I was running a standalone exe render, makes sense.

    For me, running from SteamVR is better because I can use overlay apps, like OVRToolkit to show desktop views/windows and control them from inside the running application.

    Thank you very much!

    Hello Demian Gutberlet ! Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, drivers are all up to date.

    The image in the headset is very, very shaky and nauseating, impossible to use. Lowering render quality or disabling DLSS altogether does not help, the issue persists. This was never a problem with Enscape 2.x.

    I'm running a 2080ti with 32gb DDR4 3600 and a 3900X.

    Thank you!

    Hello everyone!

    Is there a way to fix the shakiness, introduced in version 3.x, when in VR mode, using an Oculus Quest 2?

    The image shakes a lot and the colors looks kinda washed out.

    Tested with both cable and airlink, no luck. It works perfectly with previous version but really want to get the benefits from DLSS.

    Thank you.

    Hello guys!

    I have an Oculus Quest 2 (link cable) and want to force Enscape VR to use SteamVR runtime, instead of Oculus.

    I was able to start VR mode from inside SteamVR but did not manage to do it again, not sure why.

    Is it possible to "force" Enscape to use SteamVR runtime, from a Oculus headset? Maybe some kind of parameter to start it up?

    Thank you.