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    Thanks a lot for your report Bartman - you are trying to export renderings, correct? In any case, please kindly send in a feedback report as described here. Gladly also let me know once you've submitted the feedback, in the submission form, please also include a link to this thread for reference! :)

    ok, i already sent the feedback with the link to this thread, and yes the problem is when i export... when i try to see my project in normal 3D view on Enscape

    I use skies like this to avoid the strong horizon breaks. Maybe the default background could get a soft ground border too.

    thank you for the help... i tryed the image and it was actually nice...

    i don´t think it would work... im starting to put some trees and bushes... but i would like to know if i have to do that all the time or is there another alternative

    is it possible to "low" the horizon so it doesen´t appear in the image? The other horizons wil not fit the scenery ... Is there anything i can do so that grey bar doesen´t appear? Without changing the setting from Clear

    Hi! My "problem" is when i go to the atmosphere in the settings bar and choose Clear in the horizon part there is always a gray bar that ruins my perspectives... The sky is great andthe clouds are good but that gray bar is always showing... Is it possible to remove it? I tried to use a skybox image as alternative but the image is really zoomed in as soon as i load it to enscape and becomes blurry... In the image as you can see everything is great... but that dark gray bar ruins the image...