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    As all assets are within the planting category, it would be great if you could adopt a naming convention (or add a built-in parameter with category designation text) which would allow Revit users to hide/isolate different types of assets by their group/type (people/plants/furniture etc.)

    Can you add a 'quick update' button which updates the Enscape panel with current model data but does not continue to live-link. This would essentially turn on live updates then instantly turn it off again (We often forget, then endure frustration of loading times for every model or even 2D changes thereafter).

    (Predominantly using Revit)

    Hi, I'd like to see an update where materials named "Green wall" etc. produce 3D plant foliage (on vertical/inclined surfaces). Similar to how the grass currently works, but with leafy plants instead of grass blades

    Along the lines of these examples: Image example 1, Image example 2, or Image example 3

    (I did see other posts asking for grass on vertical surfaces, but none asking for leafy foliage)

    I'm predominantly using enscape for Revit