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    Hi team Enscape,

    Massive fan of Enscape and have been using it for over a year now and I am really impressed by the growth of the product, the asset library and other tools over the last year or so.

    There is one slight issue I find with the Enscape assets with Revit and curious how this might be adjusted.

    So I understand that the way REVIT enscape assets work is they have temporary geometry and an EnscapeMaterial Asset ID Paramater which swaps this proxy out for a high res version of the object. Now this does not seem to work, when an Enscape material asset/family is then loaded(nested) into another REVIT family. Often nested REVIT families are much more efficient and makes cleaner REVIT models than revit groups.

    Is there someway that this could be tweaked so Enscape Objects which are nested into Revit families will then show up in a REVIT project? I'm hoping this might speed up the use of detailed Enscape entourages in a project.

    Additionally another problem i have run into with REVIT users, is that they find the placement and loading of Enscape Assets from the library a bit slow in comparison with a stand alone program like Lumion. Is this something that has also been thought of and hows this could be improved?

    Look forward to hearing from you.



    Hi Enscape Team,

    I've subscribed to Archvision in order to improve my Enscape outputs and have currently been reviewing what is contained within those packs and their compatibility with Enscape.

    Currently there appears to be a few issues to be resolved specifically with trees and people, but cars appear to work fine.

    I understand there are approx 10 people profiles natively from the free enscape RPC file, however when I bring over many of the archvision ones over they, appear to either show poorly or not at all.

    Is there another type of file or another method to get the best out of Enscape? The only other alternative I can see would downloading sketuchup/3ds warehouse objects and applying materials, but it is not very compatible with REVIT.

    Currently our office uses Lumion as well and the landscape elements are much better, I'm currently trying to convince my office to move across to Enscape.......