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    Hi Mr. Gutberlet!

    the first two quotes were related to Revit, so dont bother about that much. I think its more about Revit being years behind...

    • So what you'd like to see implemented is the ability to just change the white color of our White Mode to another color like red, green, orange etc. through a color picker in the settings for example? Is there anything you wanna add to that feature request?

    Recently we tried Vray for Revit and there are some advanced options of overriding materials. Maybe this could be inspirational for you:…RAYREVIT/Global+Materials

    Anyway thanks for reply and I wish you good luck with enscape.


    Hi guys...

    I would appreciate adding more controls for camera path editing.

    I wanted to create a rotating flyover around z axis (circle rail like) video and the path was distorted by some kinks on the beginning and end of the path.
    I created 8 camera positions, each 45 degree rotated to create a loop posibility. (btw selecting camera in Revit is hell. It always dissapears).

    I had to copy positions 7. (before) and 2. (after) the start and render longer video, altough I didnt used added frames in my loops, because of this wrong trajectory, that cant be edited... btw i had to edit the keyframes coordinates by notepad to addjust the height, because it was not corresponding to revit camera frames (in Revit - no focus length, ratio no settings at all)

    so the rendering took me 20% more time + setup and figuring this bug + editing paths several times.

    Controling and edditnig mode of the kyeframe path with bezier curves would be appreciated.

    The other thing is a material override option that in this case could save me tons of time. Only White color is not enough. Why dont you add a color picker for the global override materials? Sometines we cant change all the materials in whole complex model with references and linked stuff the files are big and it would take hours to reopen and save all the references.

    It would be nice, since we are engeneers, to give us more options of control to let us do what we want. (something like advanced and basic setup options).

    Thanks and keep up the good work! :thumbsup: add more controls...

    btw here is the result>

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