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    Dear all,

    After using proxy to reduce the file size, is that possible for us to turn the bounaing box back to actual models?

    For some competitions they require skp model. I think it is a bit problematic if we submit a model with only bounding boxes inside...

    Thanks for any suggestion.

    You can do this already.

    Select the component in SketchUp's 'Components' tray and go to the 'Edit' tab. Under the 'Loaded From' section click on the icon to re-load the .skp proxy that you would've created with Enscape. To convert back to a proxy you can just Enscape to overwrite the existing file.

    Most of the assets (trees/furniture/people) have a low-res proxy mesh when placed in SketchUp. However, the bushes are just a solid filled bounding box which makes their placement rather tricky. Is there any way to make them display as a wireframe box without turning the whole scene into wireframe mode?

    In other programs you can specify a start and end distance for the fog which is based on the camera or viewpoint position.

    Anything from the camera to the start distance is 0% fog, then the fog increases to 100% by the end distance, and anything beyond this the fog is at 100%.