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    We work on a web based solution that should solve this problems.

    Thanks for the prompt response Thomas. Do you have an ETA on this solution?

    Actually, could you take it a step further and submit the file as safe to Cylance? When I get a false positive using Symantec, I can either locally whitelist the file or submit it Symantec for evaluation. That said, none of the .exe I've created with Enscape ping Symantec.

    Thanks Jeff. Well I wish that this did work for us but each time the file is different and the only way that we could work around this is making Cylance set to 'Alert Only' which would leave the entire firm at risk.


    Make a folder on your PC that isnt scanned/ignored by your virus checker. No issues at all afterwards. We also usually take the Laptop with us to meetings, and dont send the files to clients as their PCs are not usually capable of using Enscape.

    Unfortunately this is not a viable solution for this firm. Is there any update to Enscape's team stating that they were working on this known issue a while ago? We commonly use other real-time rendering engines in conjunction and those are able to successfully sign the output - albeit the executables seem wrapped.

    Is this something that is being considered?