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    We have a UTM (Sonicwall) that performs DPI-SSL inspection. I.e. it acts as man-in-the-middle to examine encrypted data for malware. Most of the times, this works well. But not Enscape - when starting Enscape (revit), it stalls at 95-99% and hangs. Taking revit down also. Now there's a list with firewall exceptions but that doesn't seem to be complete. Yesterday, I ran Nirsoft CurPorts and then started Enscape, I saw Revit briefly making contact with Added that domain to exclude from DPI-SSL, and after that, Enscape ran fine. My gut told me this wasn't to last. And indeed, today the same problem appears. This time, Enscape tries to contact So added that to the list with exceptions as well. And again, Enscape ran fine.

    "Why not add to the list with exceptions" you might ask. Well, hosts a LOT of stuff you definitely want to scan for malware. So I wonder if there's a more elaborate list of domains to exclude from firewall / UTM actions?

    Since this week, some machines display Invalid License when starting Enscape. But there's nothing wrong with the license. And it's intermittent - yesterday Enscape worked fine on machine A and displayed the message on machine B. Today it's vice versa. What's going on here?

    Enscape updates are deployed in our network by means of a Windows shutdown script. In order to determine if an update needs to be installed, I use WMIC to get the 'File version number' of the file Enscape.Host.exe (could be any Enscape file; they all have the same file version number). Then compare this number to a version number I set in the shutdown script. But for this, I need to know the File version number beforehand. I.e. I have to install the update first, determine the file version number and add that information to the shutdown script. So it would be handy if the file version number was listed on the Download Page, alongside the program version number.

    This week, I installed Enscape for Revit version 2.9.1 on all our machines. Since then, for some users the textures are missing in Enscape renders. They are replaced with a grey rectangle. For other users, rendering the same view on the same pc, everything is fine. So obvious there's nothing wrong with the Revit model. Looks like there's something in the (Enscape?) user settings messing things up, but what could that be?

    Reading back my own message, it dawns to me option SKIPREQUIREMENTS=1 is very likely the cause of VCRedist not getting installed. When set to 0, the installation waits for input on installing - not very handy for unattended installs.

    The Enscape System Requirements do not specify the needed VCRedist so one has to rely on a manual install to find out the prerequisites.


    There's a nasty snag in the way Enscape 2.7 is installed / updated. As from version 2.6, the package comes as MSI installer. We install Enscape updates unattended from the domains shutdown script since version 1.8. This has always worked without problem. When the MSI-version installer was introduced, it did not automatically remove the older, setup.exe version. Still no problem.

    With version 2.7, things have changed. We use this line to install Enscape: msiexec.exe /i "Enscape-2.7.0+18848.msi" /passive ACCEPTEULA=1 ALLUSERS=1 SKIPREQUIREMENTS=1 INSTALLLEVEL=0 ADDLOCAL=Enscape,Revit There are several issues.

    First issue: it needs a VCRedist which is NOT installed using the unattend mode. As a result, Enscape won't start properly.

    Second issue: when I try a 'manual' reinstall to fix the first issue, I can only install it in the currently logged on users profile (yes, I did click the Advanced button). IMHO this is by default a BAD practice since it introduces a serious security risk. So I need to uninstall Enscape before I can reinstall it for all users.

    This is where the third issue pops up: if I want to uninstall Enscape from the Programs control panel, it throws a message I should issue the option EULA=1 and stops without removing Enscape. I have to remove Enscape using the command line above, changing /i to /x and I have to perform this a couple of times before Enscape is really gone.

    Only NOW I'm able to install Enscape for all users.

    BTW the most recent version (Enscape-2.7.1+20886.msi) also behaves as described above.


    All too often, the Visual Settings change when a new version of Enscape is installed. Pretty annoying. When we encounter this, the easiest way to 'fix' it is rollback an older version of Enscape. For example, this is a fragment of Enscape Under Visual Settings > Atmosphere, the Horizon is set to Forest. Picture looks fine.

    This is the same view in Enscape with the same settings.

    As you can see, the trees are floating in the air and the road is ending up in the sky as the horizon is way too low.

    With every new release of Enscape, we have to decide whether we will use it or not. And if we DO use a new version, one has to eyeball all views to make certain they still look ok. In other words, a new version can be pretty disruptive....


    We have an Oculus DK2. it's connected to a HP Z240 with a Quadro K1200 video card. Performance is poor - the picture jumps around. To circumvent this problem, we think about buying a GeForce GTX1080. That's a pretty expensive card, so can anybody tell me if this will make the Oculus-experience a smooth one?


    We have a single license for Enscape. Every now and then, when a user wants to start Enscape, he / she gets the message all slots in use although nobody else is using Enscape. So I wonder if there's a way to kill such an open license?