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    Hi Micha - yes that's exactly it, and a great explanation. I am limited for space as it's a corridor area so I am not sure if I can use your solution above i dont have the space to do a 90deg turn and then another 90deg turn. I did try time stamps too but it didnt seem to help, maybe I wasn't using it properly.

    thanks for the advice.


    Hi, I am working on an animation at the moment, and the client has requested a couple of 180 deg turns, I have suggested to them that we use smaller segments instead of one animation walkaround but they insist on one walkthrough. My problem is that I cant seem to get the 180 deg turns to show slow enough, they seem very fast compared to the rest of my animation, and I can't see a way to stretch the number of frames between the start keyframe and the finish keyframe of the turn.

    Any help would be appreciated,



    wow thanks for all the advice - I have lots of archvision characters that I bought years ago - but I didnt think they would work in Enscape - I thought only the ones that have enscape models work. I dont need animated - just need to place quite a view people in an open atrium area and other parts of the model.

    I will for sure try the preview version thanks Damien, and thanks to Pieter, Sleej and Epix 3D for the posts - i will take your advice too!

    Hi - I am working on a presentation for a public authority building and I need to show people in the animation which I hope to create in Enscape 3D. There are only a few people built into Enscape which is fair enough, however I am wondering does anyone know where I can get/purchase some more people to use in my revit model which would work in Enscape 3D? The only way I can see being able to do it is to get a sketchup model of people and bringing them into Revit one person at a time.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,