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    Here's the Release Notes for the latest 2.9 Preview Version 1 release.

    Please refer to this article for instructions on how to download the Preview version.

    What’s included

    - New Features:

    • ArchiCAD 24 Support
    • BIM Track - Custom Attribute support
      Enscape now supports BIM Track's Custom Attributes. This means you can view and adjust the value of any custom attribute of an Issue that has been defined in your BIM Track project within the Enscape Collaboration Annotation panel.


    - Rendering

    • Reduction of loading time (especially in scenes where geometry has a high polygon count)
    • Noticeable lag in screen space reflections in VR

    - Features

    • Changes to .exe standalone
      Changes to the implementation of the Standalone Executable feature have been made to allow expansion and inclusion of other feature sets at some point in the future. This is a preliminary change and you should therefore not experience any changes to how the Standalone Executable files function at this stage. If you do experience any unwanted behavior when creating or running a Standalone Executable file created with version 2.9 Preview 1, then please contact our Customer Service department either via the Enscape Feedback form, or directly by email. We anticipate that issues will mainly happen during the start-up of a Standalone Executable file. In addition we have also implemented forced dedicated GPU usage for Standalone Executable files.
    • Collaboration Annotations
      General stability Improvements for both Local and BIMTrack

    Notable Bug Fixes:

    • Occasional flickering in reflections when auto-resolution was enabled - Fixed
    • Water not being visible in favorite view thumbnails - Fixed
    • Memory tracking issue which prevented the auto-upsampling functionality to kick in when low on memory - Fixed

    A more complete list of Bug Fixes is attached as a .pdf below.

    Please refer to the ID number when making an inquiry to our support agents about any of the Bug Fixes that are listed there.

    jakedidier - Files can disappear when the properties are set to "hidden" and File Explorer is not configured to show hidden files. Computer users, programs and malware can edit file properties and set them to hidden to give the illusion that the files don't exist and prevent you from editing the files.

    That would be the first thing to check.

    Let me know if that helps or not, but this sound more like an OS issue, and not an Enscape issue.

    Goodmorning - I think I am right in saying that when it comes to materials in Rhino, we are somewhat limited by what is available in the API from Rhino, which is one reason why we provided the Enscape Material Editor.

    Kwangmin - I am not sure i understand your image correctly though. Are you saying that surface a, b, and c all have different materials assigned in Rhino,? Or are you talking about applying different materials to each side of a surface? Some clarification would be really helpful in allowing me to better understand your request.

    We just released the new Enscape version 2.8!

    Have a look at the blog post showing off the new features and additions.

    There are several options to upgrade:

    • Follow the link in your trial registration email
    • Click the update link in the in-program notification
    • Open the "About" window and click the Download Area link

    For detailed questions and issues, feel free to write us at or use this thread.

    Changes in Version 2.8

    New Features:

    • Collaboration Annotations with BIM Track integration (More info)
    • New Material options and Assets (More info)
      • Configurable animation for Grass, Vegetation, and Clouds via new Global Wind Settings
      • New Carpet Material
      • Support for configuration of Normal Maps intensity
    • View Management for ArchiCAD, included for Batch Rendering and in Standalone Executable files (More info)
    • Localization for French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) languages



    • Indirect lighting of semi-transparent materials to consider occlusion of nearby opaque geometry
    • Temporal up-sampling in order to produce high-resolution renderings from low-resolution images. (General Settings -> Performance -> Auto Up-sampling) resulting in more stable behavior on GPU’s that may have been previously running out of available memory.
    • Reduced GPU memory consumption of HDRi Skyboxes
    • Healthcare and animated Vegetation Assets added to Asset Library


    • BIM Mode improvements including:
      • Possible to now highlight groups of items
      • Search bar added to improve locating of BIM items
      • Access and display BIM data via right clicking on object in Enscape window
    • Separated the options for single and batch image rendering in the Enscape Toolbar / Menu


    • Support for the following CAD’s is discontinued
      • Any Revit version older than version 2018
      • Any SketchUp version older than 2018
      • Rhino 5

    NOTE: Customers will still be able to install Enscape for these older CAD versions. But, we are no longer testing or optimizing Enscape for those CAD versions.

    Known Issues:

    • BIM Track integration:
      • Orthographic camera views are not supported yet (Issue position and all meta data is still available)
      • Custom attributes are not supported yet
      • Positional issues leading to misplaced issues markers for some specific projects
    • ArchiCAD Manage Views:
      • Changing the project or closing all 3D views leads to an issue in the scene selection. In this state, geometry changes are no longer being transferred to the Enscape window. This issue can be worked around by restarting Enscape.
    • Opening Web Standalone files in Chrome (version 83.0.4103.116):
      • When opening a Web-Standalone using Chrome (version 83.0.4103.116 only), clicking into the Web Standalone splash screen prevents rotating and orbiting once the project has loaded into the browser. This behavior persists until Chrome has been restarted.

    Bug Fixes:

    Additionally, we will now start to provide a list of Bug Fixes for each release. Please find the following 28_Bug_Fixes.pdf file attached. We provide this list as a courtesy to our users, but also to start to provide some more transparency on the work that is done during the development cycle. This is not a complete list of all the bug fixes during the development cycle, but these are the most common customer facing bug fixes. Please refer to the Bug ID in the list if you have further questions regarding any of these.

    Lin - the mapping can result in this kind of behavior as the default set of RPC elements which is being shipped with Revit is being replaced each by a fixed 3D model. Enscape will recognize the RPC used and exchange it by a particular 3D model. These should correlate in terms of shape, size and type of plant with the RPC elements they replace, however, they don't display exactly the same image.

    We used to have an RPC sample project file that would show a neatly arranged overview with all the RPC elements and their replacements in Enscape. I think this is out of date though. Ill ask around and see if I can find an answer to that.

    tomek - the log files will contain information from when you have rendered, or when you try to render and it fails, that information should get entered into the log files. It's the first step for resolving most issues with Enscape. Please make sure that you include the URL of this thread in the feedback. If you have already sent in the feedback, can you private message me the email you submitted the ticket under so that I can match the ticket with this thread.