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    Nico_be - do you mean to adjust the grass height individually?

    That level of control is not possible, the only workaround would be to create a number of individual surfaces. Naming them as Wild Grass 1, Wild Grass 2, etc, so you can adjust the height individually.

    Or do you mean something else?

    mark8848 , Is your project positioned far away from the World Origin?

    It may also just be the algorithm that Enscape uses to calculate what to display, but the first things to check is the projects relation to World Origin.

    Second thing to check would be a large ground plane.

    Please let me know what you find

    This is an API issue with Rhino, as far as I remember. Perhaps one of our developers will chime in if i'm incorrect with this, but I believe that Rhino is not providing the hooks to be able to assign Assets / Blocks to the correct layer.

    In that regard, I would urge all Rhino users to request Rhino open up their API further, otherwise there is not much we can do about this.

    Okay. It sounds as if Enscape may not installed correctly then.

    I would recommend that you uninstall Enscape completely and then reboot your machine.

    Then check in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\UI\Plug-ins and delete the Enscape.Rhino6.Plugin.rui file if it exists.

    Then you should reinstall Enscape, and that should in theory fix the issue you are having.

    If not, then please provide a screenshot of the "Save screenshot dialog"

    And do you see this issue with the Asset Library loading times happening when you are using only Wifi / LAN.

    You can't beat a CAT3 connection, and that is what I would recommend where possible.

    I'm asking about your ISP provider because I'm working Home Office using what was Unity Media Cable, and the past couple of months it's getting worse all the time. So, I'm not sure if that is a factor for you in certain conditions?

    EGIE - You're based in Germany so you should really not be suffering these issues where you are getting an error message so often.

    My first inclination is to ask who your service provide is? Are you are using Wi-fi or CAT3 to connect to your router?

    I can understand this being an annoyance for you. Sorry about that. Lets see if we can find what might be causing this for you.


    Vectorworks Lighting is being improved upon as I write, and the Material Editor will be provided at some point in the near future, although I can't say exactly when that would happen at this point in time.

    Other Enscape features will be bought to Vectorworks as and when they are developed, and we do hope to achieve some kind of closer parity between CAD's where this is possible.

    In regards to a Standalone Enscape, It is possible to export a project inside a Standalone Executable that can then be sent to your clients, for example.

    There is no plan at the present time to introduce Enscape lighting in to Rhino, as the native Rhino lighting is deemed to have the same functionality.

    However, your claim that Rhino is being slowed down by this is interesting.

    Could you contact us on our support email referencing the URL for this thread? As, we may require further information from you, and possibly some log files and its easier to do this over the email /ticketing system.

    That email is:

    There is no Batch Render button as such anymore at the present time. One button is serving both single and batch rendering.

    From your screenshots it does look like 2.7 is installed correctly.

    So, to Batch Render, click on the Render Image button in the Enscape toolbar.

    This will open the Render Image dialog window, whereby selecting and of the Created Views and then clicking on the Render Image button at the bottom of that dialog will result in the selected Views being Batch Rendered using the Settings that were applied to those Views at the time of their creation.

    If you want to render just a single image with using the current Settings, then you need to select "Use Current Enscape Viewport" option at the top of that Render Image dialog window.

    That's the current workflow and it may be worth me posting you the link to the Knowledge Base article here for reference.