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    i am hoping for some form of real time displacement , am i right ?

    We do have a story in the developer agenda regarding displacement mapping, although this is in relation to parallax mapping. I would think that tessellation may not be the best/easiest/most often used solution for Enscape, as that displacement method is usually best for organic shapes, such as rocks. I would imagine it could also be expensive regarding GPU resources. I've created a feature request for this type of displacement mapping though.

    bigredog4 - our last correspondence with you requested that you send the Plugin Properties:

    Rhino Options -> Plug-Ins -> Enscape.Rhino.Plugin -> (right-click) Properties ... and post back the result to us.

    We are still waiting for you to reply to this. As the issue is not resolved yet, we are still actively trying to find a solution, but we can't do this without the requested information.

    So, if you would please be so kind, can you send the requested information to Enscape Support?

    In the meantime, if one of our other users have anything to add here, perhaps it would also be of help.

    jpedstrand - in regards to this happening with sunlight, unfortunately there is not much you can do about that. You could try changing the Shadow Sharpness under the Atmosphere. tab. However, this is just the state of play due to the development approach we took. The developers are always trying to improve this , of course, and maybe the RTX cards will produce better shadows for Enscape due to the ray tracing technology that these cards have.

    Micha - I can't reproduce this. When I open the project file, that you posted, in Rhino 6 the materials are shown.

    They are listed as Custom Type materials in Rhino 6. If this is not working for you, wouldn't this be a Rhino issue anyway?

    Or have I misunderstood what you mean?

    Gavin Pendergrast - unfortunately this is not as simple to implement as you make it out to be, and if it was there would be no reason for us not to have already implemented it.

    We have implemented rotation in the three other CAD's that we support, which I realize is of no help to you here, other than to point out that we understand this functionality is required generally, but it was straight forward implementation in the other CAD's, whereas how ArchiCAD functions makes the implementation of this much harder.

    I did discuss this further with the developer, and they are looking into it. They will evaluate to see what kind of effort will be involved and then schedule it in. So there is no quick fix in regards to this at present, I am sorry to have to inform you, but we are aware of requirement to have this functionality.

    jpedstrand - I am led to believe that this is a problem due to the limitations that the API Rhino offers.

    There is no workaround for this at the present time, and the developers have tried to implement the best possible solution available to them.

    Rhino 7, when it becomes available, may or may not resolve this issue.

    DGD-Duane - I could reproduce this in the latest preview version. Do you know which version this behavior started for you?

    A possible workaround I found was to switch to another preset resolution, then switch back to custom, and then I could change the value. But it was not easy, and erratic, although switching between presets didn't resolve the issue, it did appear to alleviate it.

    I'll file a bug though, as to me, this is bugged behavior.

    Bogdan - the developer responsible will be evaluating this, but it will take them a whole day to do this to be able to supply a correct response.

    I think they have some assigned time to take a closer look at this in the very near future.

    The developers have your project file that you posted here, so they can use it to test.

    Box Mapping does work, it's just the alignment part doesn't.

    Once I know more, I will post back here, but I imagine that will be next week now.

    Bogdan - alignment of UV's is not something we support at present. It may be something that is fixed when McNeel roll out Rhino 7.

    According to our developers, as we don't support projections with regards to the 'world', the only workaround is to try to manually align the textures. This is obviously very difficult.

    The developers are aware of this, however, and they further explain that the issue is either that we don't get the right data, or we don't interpret it correctly. They will be looking at this again though, but as also mentioned above, this might all work differently in Rhino 7, and if they fix the render queue we can make use of that.

    Micha - this is the first iteration of the material editor for Rhino, and I am sure that we will be seeing some improvements to this feature over time. We know it's not perfect yet, so any feedback we get from users is, of course, helpful. You have to remember, Enscape in comparison to Octane and VRay, is the new kid on the block, so to speak, so we are playing catch-up in some regards. Please offer your constructive feedback though, it is valued.

    gautier - this is still in our developer agenda, so has not, as of yet, been worked on further.