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    Goodmorning - I don't mind this approach at all. Believe me, I understand the frustration of understanding this, as its just as frustrating to try to explain it.


    Question 1- yes or no

    Is it possible to have batch renders that match the views I set in Rhino?

    Answer: Yes. But, it is also worth mentioning at this point that in 2.8 the behvior has changed in Rhino to match the other CAD's. Its mentioned in the Preview Release Notes. It would be worth your while reading that, just to be aware of the changes.

    EGIE - So, (this applies to all CAD's), in version 2.8 we have removed the 'Use Current Enscape Viewport' and have bought back a dedicated single image 'Render' button, which means there is a separate Batch Rendering button. So, this makes trying to explain the workflow in 2.7 somewhat redundant. Just to add more complication ;) I would suggest we use 2.8 as the basis of this discussion going forwards, as that is the (most) current implementation we have to work from.

    It would be great if you could try that version to see if it makes this easier to understand., But essentially:


    Is it possible to have batch renders that match the views I set in SketchUp?

    Yes, in terms of camera position (not in terms of materials geometry at the present time), that should be possible, and is indeed the aim. Of course, if its not working how users expect or desire, then that is a matter of concern that we would like to better understand in order to deliver this.

    Goodmorning - perhaps the flood gates will now open.

    I think its partly due to our Rhino user base not being so vast, and somewhat segmented in terms of industries they span.

    But, by the same token, we could again ask why is Rhino itself not natively supporting IES, if Rhino users require it so much?

    Sure, VRay has up to now covered most use cases.

    It's added now as a Feature Request though. I can only suggest that other Rhino users who want this feature now speak up so it has some chance of being looked at.

    EGIE -


    [single Named Views (which means a normal single render?), unless they are 2-P Perspectives, are always determined by SketchUp scenes with view synchronization enabled because of workflow reasons. But never ever by enscape!].

    That would be correct, and when View Sync is disabled, then rendering a single image will render the view shown in the Enscape Window, as long as you select 'Use Current Enscape Viewport'.


    Enscape's batch rendering is only possible within the Enscape Render Preview Window mode? - but never with the Scenes determined within SketchUp which would require View Synchronization?

    I cant answer this, as I am not sure what you mean by 'Enscape Render Preview Window mode'. Can you tell me what you mean by this?

    It does sound like we need a video for this, but it seems redundant to do this now, as the next version is around the corner and the behavior will change a bit, but I will certainly make a point of making a video tutorial for this topic as soon as the next version is available, as it seems to confuse enough people, including myself. For the time being I want to try and explain it here. So, please bare with me.

    EGIE - its not easy trying to find the best way to explain it.

    I'll try again.

    When Batch Rendering, Enscape will render each Named View using the camera position and FoV that was set when that Named View was initially created.

    Regardless of whether or not View Synchronization is enabled or not.

    If you want to render a single Named View, disable View Synchronization, select the Named View from the Manage Views window, then choose 'Use Current Enscape Viewport' in the Render dialog. Don't select the Named View you want to render in that Render dialog window, choose 'Use Current Enscape Viewport' option.

    Does that make this clearer?

    33mansoori - that behavior sounds like you have not allowed all asset thumbnails to load once in the Asset Library before closing the Asset Library. I tested this, just to make sure, and also restarted SketchUp and Enscape, and once I had allowed the assets thumbnails to load once, then scrolling up and down in the Asset Library results in the thumbnails from the local cache being used, and they are instantly displayed.

    If you create a PDF, you will have to maintain it, and also account for Assets that may get updated or removed, new assets. This is why we are not providing this, as its resource heavy, and if you follow the above instructions, a PDF should not be required.

    If you continue to have this behavior after allowing all thumbnails to load once, then can you provide a video of this.

    The only other thing I can think of that might affect this, is if you are connecting via Wi-fi. If so, switch to a cable connection, as its faster and more stable than Wi-fi.

    @Good Morning - thanks for the reply.

    This might be in connection to 'View Synchonization', as with that enabled, Enscape renders a single image using the FoV set in SketchUp. Disable View Synchronization, choose the Named View from Manage Views and then render the single image, which will render out using the FoV that was set when the Named View was created.

    Batch Rendering uses the Settings that were made when the Named View was created, regardless of View Synchronization being enabled or not, so this might explain the different camera position you are getting.

    This behavior actually has not changed in 2.8, the difference I was referring to is something else, but I'm not at liberty to tell you any more at this point.

    We have a feature request regarding including the option to omit the TimeStamp in Batch Rendering, so currently what you want to do is not possible, and I can tell you that it will also not be possible in version 2.8. There does not appear, as of yet, to be much demand for this feature though, so any other users wanting this feature should shout about it a bit so it gets up-voted and the demand noticed by the PM team ;)