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    DeKoetsier - Yes, Skatter can kill a project file if too many instances are created, and its better to start with a low number of instances, rather than just start with many.

    So, you want some kind of Scene Inspector is what it sounds like your asking for. We don't currently have that ability within Enscape, but it has been discussed before, so I have created a Feature Request for this on your behalf.

    With Enscape version 2.8 we will discontinue support for the following CAD versions:

    • Any Revit version older than version 2018
    • Any SketchUp version older than 2018
    • Rhino 5

    So, what does this mean in practice? Customers will still be able to install Enscape for those older CAD versions. But, we are no longer testing or optimizing Enscape for those CAD versions.

    33mansoori - Providing a PDF for Assets would require maintenance.

    We have a team of 3D artists who are working to create as many new high quality assets as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible.

    I can advise that you should allow all the Thumbnails to load in the Asset Library at least once before closing the Asset Library, as this will create a local version meaning that thumbnails will load quicker the next time you open the Asset Library,

    The same thing happens to the heavy geometry once it is placed and rendered once in Enscape, a local version is then available.

    This should hopefully speed things up for you, and changes to improve all this will be coming.

    Goodmorning - Which version of Enscape are you using?

    In regards to point 1. There will be some changes to the behavior of this in the next version of Enscape that should make this process clearer.

    Perhaps this article will explain the current workflow in version 2.7 better, although it may also be advised to try the latest Preview version.

    Automatic Naming has no affect when Batch Rendering, but will work with single image rendering.

    Its a bit convoluted in version 2.7, which is one reason it has been changed in version 2.8.

    gautier - We do not provide IES support at the present time, as Rhino does not provide the input for IES, so to some degree this is a technical limitation and one could argue, is also baffling that Rhino are not supporting IES yet.

    This means we would have to use our own lighting UI, which is possible, but is also a demand on resources.

    I will create a dedicated Feature Request for this though, as it appears so far, no other users have been asking for this. I'll make sure to up-vote it with everyone else in this thread who has commented.

    I can't really do much more than that at this juncture.

    Joe Stott - I cant find a ticket from you in our system that includes log files.

    You may have to submit them manually.

    If that is possible, you can find them in the following locations:

    Enscape main plugin log files:


    Revit plugin log files:


    SketchUp plugin log files:


    Rhino plugin log files:


    ArchiCAD plugin log files:


    VectorWorks plugin log files:

    You can just place all the files that are contained in these folders into a .zip file and send these to us via the email.

    Please include this forum thread in the email so we can link the ticket up.

    Thanks in advance.

    EGIE - receieved your feedback. There are some errors in there regarding 'proxy authentification required'.

    Are you using a proxy server? If so, are the settings correct? I've passed the log files to the developers to get their input also, and will respond via the Ticket that is now open for this.

    kate.coulthart, Z. Chai, bpeng - have you all submitted log files via the Enscape Feeedback button, as Demain advised to do?

    There have been some changes in version 2.8, but I am not sure which version of Enscape you are all running. Submitting log files will provide us this information.

    That is the advised route to resolving this issue. Also, adding a reference to this forum thread URL in the Feedback Form so we can link the Ticket to this thread.

    Thanks in advance.

    33mansoori - Your internet connection is likely dropping out on you. Are you connecting via cable, or via Wi-Fi?

    Is the issues persistent for you?

    There is another thread in connection to your issue, that you will find here, just so you are aware that this is a known issue and you are not alone in experiencing this behavior.

    We are aware of this, we know its not ideal, and we are looking at solutions to resolve this issue in the long term.

    I can only advise that for the time being, to use the a cable to connect to the internet.

    Furthermore, open the Asset Library and allow all thumbnails to load at least once before closing the Asset Library.

    This will create a local version, and the same happens to the full object geometry and it's associated textures and once the asset is placed into a project and rendered once in the Enscape window the heavy data is also then stored locally.