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    EGIE - If the project is below 2GB, you can use, then PM the link that you will be provided so I can grab the file.

    If its over 2GB I will have to provide you a link to upload the file to.

    A small sample project file where you can reliably reproduce this issue would also suffice, in order to keep the file size down. As you say yourself, it may just be a misunderstanding of the process, so a sample project file may be preferable.

    ecemd - I cant find your feedback, as I have nothing to reference apart from your forum username, which brings no results when searching our ticketing system.

    Do you have a Ticket number I can refer to? You should have received an auto reply that contains that Ticket number.

    I could ask you for your email address that you used to submit the Ticket under, and if you want to pass that email to me in case you cant find the Ticket number, then please do so via Private Message so your email is not made public here.

    I can tell you in the meantime, that we do not support Intel Integrated Graphics Chips, and if you have a GPU from NVIDIA or AMD, then that is the hardware that Enscape needs to be using.

    We have an article on Multi-GPU's here.

    benjaminriendeau - The Road Map is always available here, towards the bottom of that page.

    Your links appear to result in a Page not found. Are the links correct?


    I'll make sure to bring this issue up with the PM. We do have a feature request pertaining to dual layered materials though, and there are some other 'material' based improvements planned, I think I am correct in saying.


    Technical limitation of real time ray trace rendering, I am afraid to say. No magic bullet to this, and improvements can be expected to be seen iteratively, so small gradual improvements. If you were to go back to version, 2.3, for example and compare it to where we are now, this has vastly improved.


    FoV, when set in the CAD, will only be applied to a View when View Synchronization is enabled. Views created in the CADs are only ever approximated, and therefore its advised to create the VIew using the Enscape Create View button.

    The Projection mode will only be applied when the View Synchronization is enabled, as is done for the Field of View and the camera's roll/bank angle.

    You can always suggest basic fixes, and we can certainly feed these into the PM team, but there are sometimes dependencies that mean a basic fix cant be implemented due to B and C. B and C are scheduled to get fixed in XX Sprint, and so on and so forth.

    @Timoxy - I thought I had replied to your inquiry already. I must have been distracted whilst drafting the initial response. So apologies for that.

    It would be advised that Normal maps should contain RGB data to work when Normal Map is selected, and just renaming a height or bump map (black and white values are generally preferred here, although Enscape does take care of this for you), with _n, will not work as expected, as there is no RGB data. That doesn't mean to say you would not be able to load such a map into the Normal map slot, but the results would not be what you expect.

    So, this is not actually displacement of geometry, and when real-time rendering engines say they are using displacement, then this is more likely parallax mapping. But, that is different to Normal Maps

    If you want more background info on different types of mapping, the wikipedia page on Displacement Mapping is a good place to start.

    Goodmorning - I don't mind this approach at all. Believe me, I understand the frustration of understanding this, as its just as frustrating to try to explain it.


    Question 1- yes or no

    Is it possible to have batch renders that match the views I set in Rhino?

    Answer: Yes. But, it is also worth mentioning at this point that in 2.8 the behvior has changed in Rhino to match the other CAD's. Its mentioned in the Preview Release Notes. It would be worth your while reading that, just to be aware of the changes.

    EGIE - So, (this applies to all CAD's), in version 2.8 we have removed the 'Use Current Enscape Viewport' and have bought back a dedicated single image 'Render' button, which means there is a separate Batch Rendering button. So, this makes trying to explain the workflow in 2.7 somewhat redundant. Just to add more complication ;) I would suggest we use 2.8 as the basis of this discussion going forwards, as that is the (most) current implementation we have to work from.

    It would be great if you could try that version to see if it makes this easier to understand., But essentially:


    Is it possible to have batch renders that match the views I set in SketchUp?

    Yes, in terms of camera position (not in terms of materials geometry at the present time), that should be possible, and is indeed the aim. Of course, if its not working how users expect or desire, then that is a matter of concern that we would like to better understand in order to deliver this.