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    My architecture firm is looking at upgrading a few graphics cards in our machines, and I have a question about which aspect of card specs is better for Enscape.

    Right now we've narrowed it down to GTX 1070 versus RTX 2060. While the RTX 2060 is a better overall card with generally higher performance and clock speed, it only has 6GB of VRAM. The GTX 1070 has slightly lower clock speed but has 8GB of VRAM. Which will ultimately cause smoother experiences in Enscape? A higher clock speed or more VRAM?

    Our firm uses Revit as the base, and we handle very large and complicated models (multi-tower designs, 600+ units) and have noted some slowness with GTX 1660S cards. We are not upgrading the 1660S cards, as we are generally happy with their ability to handle Enscape, but for a couple other computers where we're upgrading from older cards, we want to make sure we can handle these larger models.

    Any advice from anyone who has gone through a similar search?