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    i agree ! it is a killer feature !! and very easy to use !!! fast !! But please..... let us import the data to the core app ! Like Sketchup ! to modifi or adjust some things !!

    There are ways .... but not as easy and fast as enscapes ! When i have a fast workflow and need a fast design i would like to use the model for refference. Where can i connect to the streets.... what Lines can i orient my building to an use points ... i see them in enscape but have to guess in sketchup... where to connect ... if i go the way to use a other way to import a model i do not need the encape feature all along ... It seams like a half baked move ...

    i like the result and the workflow ist crazy fast !! my projekt fitted perfectly and looked great ... but i would have liked to go a bit further !!


    just tried the new Version and i love the the new Site Context Feature !! Would be great to be able to import the mesh to my core App (Sketchup) to use the Date an change a few things ! Working in the Sketchup Window is a bit more streamline than enscape !

    New Assets are also great !!

    Keep up the great work ! Happy abaout the Chaos Merger !!! Used Vray before Enscape ! ;)