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    Hi all, is there a way to turns lights brighter gradually in Enscape animation? I know there is several ways to do it in after effect but it also generate some other side effects, say, if I overlay a few clips in premiere the multi sea waves will become really messy...

    Is that possible to achieve the lighting brightness change within Enscape?

    Seems the Enscapes lights in SketchUp works much better then using rhino lights in Enscape.

    In SketchUp, It does not slow down the rendering even though a lot of lights added in the model.

    But in rhino, it significantly slow down and could crash often.

    I wonder when we can have a panel of Enscape’ lights just like SketchUp has.

    I guess then we can have a much fast and stable lights rendering solution


    Hi Demian, thanks for your reply.

    I have uninstall and re-install following your instruction.

    But with no luck, still having the same issue.

    I found that the Enscape 2.7 on Rhino5 is fine but on Rhino6 it doesn't show Assest library button and cannot click into the setting...

    I have try to uninstall my rhino 6 as well, but still have the problem...

    I found that I cannot even click into the enscape setting, it returns: Unknown command: EnscapeSettingsCommand

    So actually I cannot use enscape at all on Rhino 6.

    But the wierd thing is, Enscape in Rhino 5 run perfectly well

    Does anyone know why and how to resolve?


    Dear all,

    I am using rhino sr6.19 and I have install Enscape version.

    I don't why on my Enscape toolbar it doesn't show the asset button.

    But when I copy the trees or other asset blocks from my previous rhino file, it can still render asset.

    But I cannot place new assets to my rhino anymore.

    Does anybody have the same issue before and know the solution?



    Hi Demian,

    I have tried to copy the same .xml file to my teammate's PC under:


    But his enscape doesn't appear any new settings added...

    And I realize that whenever he saves a new enscape setting, none of the settings .xml file can be found on his PC C drive.

    Hi all,

    I know that we can save a render setting on our Enscape and every time you can go back to use that setting.

    But if I have saved such a sketchup or rhino file and let other teammates to render, it will look totally different on the same view.

    I wonder how can we share the same render setting to other people who are not using the same PC/ Laptop?

    Thank you in advance,


    Hi all,

    In rhino enscape, can we have a parameter in enscape setting panel to set a specific time? I found that using 'shift+right mouse' to set time is not accurate. Every time I render the some view would comes out slightly different shadow effect...Changing the time in 'sun' command in rhino won't affect the sun light in Enscape...

    Appreciated if we can have this parameter in the future. Thanks