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    Thanks Demian and Micha. I got my problem fixed now after I restart my PC. I found that I can achieve isometric view by disable connection to rhono and change the Enscape lens length to 0°. Although it is a pitty Enscape cannot follow rhino's isometric view but at least it can resolve my problem for now.

    I hope Enscape for Rhino can keep progressing and catch up the pace with Enscape for Sketchup. Because there are a lot of rhino users in architecture, industry and jewelry field.

    And I realize that you can actually create animation with using rhinoPython + Enscape -- not simply a fly through in a freeze scene.

    Now I cannot even start up Enscape...

    It tells that I have multiple GPU.

    I click on troubleshooting and 'How to disable integrated GPU' but the links are missing...

    Did anyone have the same issue before?

    Not sure how to solve it...

    Dear all,

    I realize when I use parallel / isometric view in rhino, Enscape will fail to follow the view change.

    Is there anyway we can do some isometric views in Enscape?

    I have try to change the Len length to 100 to mimic isometric view but fail as well...

    Thanks for any suggestion,


    Simon, I think you are right. I check the model, the lightings are too far from the building so it doesn't affect the model. But I think even though it is far shouldn't it still case a little bit dim lighting effects on building?

    For the direction light, it doesn't work no matter the intensity or distance. See attached screenshot.

    I have one more query -- why the linear light works light a circular spot light wash on the build top?

    Shouldn't it work like a T5 lighting?

    Attached a rhino model FYI.



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    I realize the Enscape for Rhino lighting only works on mm unit with pretty small objects.

    You can see the first image showing those lightings work on small objects ( but grass displaysment will go wrong).

    Once I set it to an architecture scale with meter unit. The lighting fail to display. (Only the self-illumination object is still on).

    I think it is a crucial bug for Rhino Enscape...

    Although I can scale down the model by changing unit to mm but all the saved views gone and materials need to re-adjust and I cannot use grass displaysment any more...

    Can anyone resolve it in the new version please?



    Dear all,

    I am trying to create a bird view at night time in Rhino with a lot of building and street lighting.

    But when I try to use a simple test to input rhino's default lighting into Enscape, I found that the direction light and Rectangular light doesn't work.

    Does anyone succeed to apply the direction light before?

    I realize there is one issue in Enscape, when you work on the model for a while, when change some setting like materials or lighting, it just stop to renew the model even though I am sure the live update is enabled. I can only make it update by restarting the computer.

    Is it because I have run out of the memory?

    Attached my quick test model using rhino default lighting.

    Appreciate for any suggestion,





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    Dear all,

    For Enscape for Rhino, I wonder how can we save day time within different scene?

    Just like SketchUp when you switch to different scene it can change the sun angle and time to to the day time you previously saved.

    In Rhino, when I change to different view, it doesn't change the day time / sun angle...

    I don't know how to save it.

    Thanks you in advance,


    I see, so the Enscape sky is provided by Enscape group, we cannot find similar things from some where else like vray or lumion?

    I think my query is not clear enough... my bad. What I want to add is more parametric sky which just like the one Enscape has, but with different weather, say, snowy days, rainny, cloudy etc.

    I can find some HDRI baground files but cannot find this kind of adjustable sky -- not sure what kind of format it is...

    Hi all,

    In Enscape there is only one skybox to use.

    I wonder how and where we can load more skybox. Is there any resourse we can find some where else?

    Many thanks,


    Dear All,

    I realize for some materials like stone and some timbers no matter how you change its' color it just remain no change.

    But for some materials like metals, you can change its' color easily.

    Can any one point out why and how can I change (stones, timbers, concretes...) material color?

    Stone material doesn't response to the color change

    Many Thanks,


    For example, in a case I have 2 views of a tower, a close up view I want the glazing to be more transparent so I can see through while a far away view I want the glazing to be less transparent and more reflective.

    I wonder if the Enscape doesn't response to the layer material setting? Seems it only response to objects' material setting?