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    Hello -

    I am having an issue with an asset not rendering properly (or at all in some cases).

    I am running Revit 2021 with Enscape 3.3.1 (updated to see if it fixed the issue) my colleague is running Revit 2021 but Enscape 3.2

    He originally placed the bed, which is Bed 11 from the asset browser. But I do not have that asset as an option in my browser. Did it get removed for some reason?

    In the revit view of the project the bed appears, but it will not render.

    It would be great to have some firewood assets! Stacks for wood storage niches, firewood for inside open fireplaces, single logs, etc!


    I tried opening the panoramas in Chrome, which I don't use for anything else but it had the same issue.

    While it might not be technically a 'bug' it's a barrier to a good user experience. This feature is most helpful when working remotely with clients. Ideally I'd like to send them a cardboard headset and a link that they can open. Any additional steps or workarounds in that process just makes it more difficult for them. Maybe there's a way for Enscape to provide a link that will automatically open the panoramas in the Google Cardboard viewer app instead of safari?


    Hi Demian,

    I'll try that, but I have a lot of open tabs I don't want to get rid of!

    I did find another work-around: if you make the webpage an app on the home screen of your iPhone it opens it in full screen mode. It's not perfect, but a lot better. This would be a great bug to work out!