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    Gadget Thank you for your time and effort :)... But i am more interested in the water/water or water/glass workflow because they are transparent. Unlike the water/default that turns the sides opaque, which is not physically correct... I am trying to reach a workflow that is physically correct and shows how water would behave in reality. So your demonstration actually proves that my concern is not resolved yet. :)

    I have been facing some problems with the water material while trying to make a pool with glass sides in sketchup.

    • In this image all the sides of the pool have water material assigned to both the front face and the back face, which led to having blue sides on the left and right.

    • Here i changed the back faces of both the left and right sides to sketchup default material instead of water. That resulted to having opaque white sides.

    So i was wondering if anyone knows a possible workaround or a certain technique that could fix that problem and make it look more realistic :).....


    • I also faced another glitch with the water material when i simply moved the edge of this pool a bit to the left, It suddenly became very reflective. Any ideas why??

    Thank you :)