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    Allow me to add what I've sent to jtubb as well:

    We distribute shadows maps to the lights closest to the camera. In this case, it's of course rather surprising, that a light source that is still relatively close to the camera doesn't receive a shadow map (by default we distribute at least 256 shadow maps). This either means, as you've correctly stated, there's a huge amount of other light sources in the scene or something else is broken.

    Our developers have requested a Feedback Report with logs, which should then allow us to find out what exactly is broken here.

    Hi Demain!

    Do you mean Enscape can show 256 lights in one shot?

    if I have more than 256 lights in one frame, only 256 lights can be seen. Am I understanding correctly?

    Renderchoice, have you made any progress on this? Did you determine if all your copies of Enscape and your video drivers are the same version?
    This sounds like the same issue we are facing. An office full of people using Enscape. The same file has different results on different computers, with the same settings. Same version of Enscape. Video cards are different, but all updated drivers. All similar specs.

    sounds like exactly same problem.

    They use same Enscape version, but different Video cards. this could be the problem here.

    Hi Forum Users!

    I'm teaching Sketchup Enscape in South Korea.

    I recently went to Interior Company and taught them Enscape.

    After while, one of them sent me questions about this topic

    1. Since they do team work in office, they send sketchup file computer to computer. Problem is diffent result keep coming out while using same sketchup file.

    They don't use auto exposure nor auto contrast. They have saved preset file and import it. but nothing changed.

    see attached images below.

    2. Computer Scene and result scene don't match. I myself had this problem year ago but somehow solved.

    3. one of computer makes error when hit batch render. Program just explodes. Do you have any solution for this?

    Enscape is wonderful program and i really love using it.

    Hope these problems i met disappear with solution.