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    Rifcat works with steam, but if not u can just set it to stereoscopic mode, let it capture that window, and use mouse simulate mode. I would like to get a similar mouse simulation, but with a third party headset, is that possible ?

    For the Vive, if you were to disconnect the room scale sensors, and possibly the controllers. and then enable an option in enscape to override z-axis data, and then use with an x-box controller, wouldn't that make it easier for vive walkmode ?

    Not ideal but at least a workaround, to get the functionality of walkmode.

    Has anyone tried any headsets other than the Vive and Oculus. I currently use the Pimax 4k, the only 4k headset so far. Software is iffy, But with a little elbow grease works like a champ. Anyone tried mobile VR on enscape either. P.S. The experience is far more immersive without the Screen door effect.…c-vive-vs-oculus-cv1/1989

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    Check it out, if anyone is interested. And no I have no affiliation with PIMAX just want to get a feel for what other persons experiences have been like.