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    I up vote the request for Revit procedural texture support. Procedural Texture generation in Revit is growing in capability and use, and is in many cases quicker to create and can bypass the need for an image map (noise,tiles, stripes). 👍

    Probably difficult to acheive, but would be awesome if Enscape could talk to Dynamo, specifically to value sliders. There is a package for Dynamo right now called Dynanimater that allows one to cycle through a slider's values, saving a screen image or rendering for each increment value. Allows for video compositing after.

    This approach could really sing as all the various geometry placement methods within Dynamo could be animated, with an Enscape image associated with each state. So in effect you would be Changing the Model, not merely viewing it from a moving path. ^^

    While having the ability to animate object locations and orientations natively within the scene via key frames would be the ultimate goal, being able to Animate Revit Global Parameters would also be powerful.

    Object paths could be created within Revit and Adaptive-Point-based objects could be hosted to those paths with their location parameters, even rotation parameters, tied to a numeric global parameter. :thumbsup:. Even family Type and Instance Parameters can be linked to global parameters. POWERFUL.:thumbup: